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Clan Meetings and Events Archive - 2000

We have here announcements for dates and descriptions of clan meetings and events!

The dates listed in the title of posts are the actual dates that the events are supposed to happen and are not the dates of the posts. Meetings, gatherings, and events of the private sort are usually listed on the TUR Discussion Forum as not to invite those who seek the disruption of events. Members are encouraged, nay, implored to visit the TUR Discussion Forum often for this purpose.

*10-27-00 - Trick or Treat at TUR Village:

All are encouraged to bring a bag and their favorite costume to the Village of The UnRuled. Be sure to show up at the North Sentry Friday, 10-27-2000 8:00 p.m. Central time to pick up your guide map for Trick or Treat in the village.

Here's a chance to pick up some goodies and creep around TUR Village! What could be better!? Well, probably a lot of things, but we're giving away free stuff!

We'll be wrapping it up at the Dragon Roost Tavern for a suprise bonus event. What will it be? Are they handing out good candy or poisoned apples? There's only one way to find out! See you there!

Posted Friday 10-27-00

*10-14-00 - The Wedding of Outy and Skye:

We'd like to invite all dear friends and anyone bearing the name of The UnRuled to attend the wedding of one Outy of the TURs and one Skye MacLeod in Terra Blanca Fortress, the evening of October 14, 2000 at 8 pm Central.

There will be free food and drink on this joyous occasion. We hope to see you all there.

Posted Monday 10-09-00

*9-21-00 - Capture the flag:

From Duran of TUR

Hi all. I'm wanting to hold an event in Trammel Thursday night. I want to get a game of capture the flag going on. Time to meet is 9:30 PM CST at Terra blanca. No prizes or anything, just bragging rights =) When everyone meets there, I will pick 2 team captains to pick teams. Hope to see a good number of you there!


Posted Thursday 9-19-00

*9-01-00 - Carnival of The UnRuled:

All are welcome to visit the Village of The UnRuled Carnival on Sunday, September 3rd, 7:00 till 10:00 p.m. central. The carnival will feature all types of activities and prize events, including: drunken barrel races, cakewalk, mud wrestling, kissing booth, dice roll, crate games, archery competition, raffle and a funniest dressed contest. Free food and drinks for all. You don't wanna miss out on the spectacle!

The Carnival of The UnRuled will take place in the heart of TUR Village, below the Dragon Roost Tavern in Felucca -- roughly: 92o 22'N, 23o 12'W. You can also reach the village by taking a good walk, straight Northeast of the Yew moongate.

*8-14-00 - Another 2v2 Tournament:

From Duran of TUR

Monday Night 8 PM CST

Dragon's Roost Rooftop

3k per team

Heres the rules:

no looting no stealing gm weapons and armor ONLY! no magic items of any kind (reflect protection etc) no summoned or tamed animals/monsters all participants will flag off of me (I dont want anyone getting counts from this)

Any violation of these rules will mean disquailification from the tourney. (no refunds)

For all that want to attend, get your teams together by Sunday night! If you don't, then you don't fight. Well thats all. See you guys later and pass this on.


Posted Thursday 8-10-00

*7-26-00 - Another Tournament:

From Duran of TUR

Ok guys I have the date of the next fight. I believe if everything goes as planned, it will be Wednesday night at 8 PM CST in Feluccia. We can either do teams or just a massive free-for-all like last time. So if nothing changes, plan on Wednesday! Just let me know via pigeon (61241984) or find me at the village. Thanks.


Posted Thursday 7-24-00

*7-19-00 - 2v2 Tournament:

Hi everyone! I have decided to hold a 2 on 2 fighting tournament. The first tournament that will be held will be ONLY for TUR members. This will take place 7-19-00 at Terra Blanca Castle at 8 PM CST. Here's the rules:

1. No summoned or tamed animals or monsters.

2. No looting of fellow members.

That's pretty much it. The team that wins gets 30k. Get the word out. We'll need at least 8 teams for this to happen. If possible, get your teams together and let me know who's fighting by ICQ (61241984). Thanks!


Posted Saturday 7-15-00

*7-08-00 - Clan gathering at Terra Blanca:

The clan will be coming together in Trammel's Terra Blanca Fortress this Saturday. There will be a meeting, followed by a few festivities. We might also take the opportunity for group pictures, so don't miss out.

The gathering is due to take place at 8 p.m. Central(6 p.m. Paciffic, 7 p.m. Mountain, 9 p.m. Eastern). The coords for Terra Blanca Fortress are: 62o 13'N, 53o 43'E.

See you there.

Posted Thursday 7-06-00

*6-17-00 - Zmally King of the Hill Tourney:

From Ocelot of TUR:

You say you're Bored? Nothing On the crystal ball?? Weapons geting dusty? Hands getting itchy? Well do I have the event for you! I am pleased to announce the very first!!! Zmally King O' The Hill Tournament!!

Rules are simple! There are no rules! All combat is man to man! (sorry tamers) Fight with steel or magic! Always wanted to try that chain lightning? Got extra Greater Explosions lying around? Bring em for a great trade in!

No limit on magic, or weapon modifiers! BUT if you cannot afford to lose it, DONT BRING IT! The house will not be responsible for lost or stolen items!

Steps will be taken so no one will receive a murder count!

Grand total prizes over 75,000 gold peices!

The winner of first tournament is King o' the Hill and will fight winner of the second King o' the Hill tournament. If the king wins all three rounds an extra BONUS of 25,000 gold will be awarded! That makes a grand total of 100,000 gold, you can walk away with!!!

Swords sing, arrows fly and magic Sizzles at Dragons Roost at TUR Villiage, 9:00 under the Eastern skies, Saturday, June 17th! All healers who would like to donate their services for this event are gladly welcomed and encouraged! So, for those of us who haven't secured our homes for the upcoming housing patch, I'm sure that 100,000 gold grandprize and bonus would be quite nice. *Ponders*

Posted Friday 6-16-00

*5-31-00 - Dragon Knight Tournament - Village of The UnRuled:

Wednesday, May 31, 8:00 pm Central is the set date for the Dragon Knight competition for the village of The UnRuled. It will be held on top of the Dragon Roost Tavern. All are encouraged to attend.

For details on the actual tournament, go to:
The Dragon Knights Page
For directions to the village and the tavern, go to:
The TUR Village Page

Runes to the village can also be found in The CMG smithy, Dragon's Bay, The Sandlewood Box, and the Museum of Memories.

Posted Monday 5-29-00

*4-11-00 - meeting on retaking the shrines:

On Tuesday April 11th there will be a meeting on the roof of the Dragons Roost Tavern in the village of TUR at 8:00ish central. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what it steps must be taken to reclaim and restore the Shrines. Also, copies of the Gold Tome of Virtue will be handed out to those of you in need of one. I ask that all attend this meeting, for though the Shrines can be reclaimed it will take many of us to pull it off.

Posted Monday 4-10-00

*3-31-00 - Recap meeting on Akron seeking the land that TUR Village sits on:

A gathering has been called for Friday. The purpose of this meeting is to catch everyone up on the events that have transpired thus far and the characters on the Akron quest as well as welcome people who are interested in it to join in.

The meeting will be held on the roof of The North Sentry in TUR Village at 7 pm central.

For those of you who were referred to this page and do not know where TUR Village is: It is a good walk NE of the Yew Abby or Yew Moongate. The coordinates for The North Sentry, in the heart of TUR Village are 95o 32'N, 23o 50'W. Runes to TUR Village can be found in The CMG Blacksmith's shop, and the Dragon's Bay tavern.

Posted Wednsday 3-29-00

*3-30-00 - Group pictures!:

This Thursday, we'll be meeting at The North Sentry at 8 pm central. We'll be taking group pictures for the site so show up. We might also be using the picture for future banners so you don't wanna' miss out. See you there.

Posted Friday 3-24-00

You can see the TUR Group Pics for yourself.

Updated Saturday 4-01-00

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