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Clan Meetings and Events Archive - 2001

We have here announcements for dates and descriptions of clan meetings and events!

The dates listed in the title of posts are the actual dates that the events are supposed to happen and are not the dates of the posts. Meetings, gatherings, and events of the private sort are usually listed on the TUR Discussion Forum as not to invite those who seek the disruption of events. Members are encouraged, nay, implored to visit the TUR Discussion Forum often for this purpose.

*12-17-01 - Yule in Yew Outlands:

From The Wolfman of TUR

Happy Holidays! Celebrate the season with YULE IN YEW OUTLANDS (TUR Village, Felucca - 94.39 N, 23.50W) on December 17th, 7-9 PM under Great Lakes central skies. All are invited to share the spirit of the season in the tradition begun by Tristam last year in Yew proper.

The holiday festival features: "Reindeer" Summoning, Winter Scene Sculptures (Design in a box), Christmas Character Relay Race, Cake Walk, Crafting Competitions, a grand feast and lots of hot grog.

Of course, you better watch out, 'cause Santa will be there and we hope you'll make plans to be there too!

Check back here for details (coming soon) on gates to the festival site and contest information. Questions? Contact

Posted Tuesday 12-4-01

*2-11-01 - Winter Rose Ball:

The citizens of Yew and the Outlanders of TUR Village invite you to the Winter Rose Ball. The ball will be held on February 11th at Sir Barron's Trammel tower in southern Yew at 47o 22N 35o 26W. Your hosts for the evening are: Lord Whitewolf, Ariel, Sir Barron, Mayor Mythra, Medic, Trynlor, Skye MacLeod and Outy of the TURs.

All are welcome to attend. So, shine your shoes, see your tailor for the finest threads, and make a date for romance.

By the light of the moon, a rare tall candle will be awarded to the best dressed gentleman and the best dressed lady. Those with a flair for dancing may be tempted by the prize of Valentine Red GM Leather. And get ready for sensuous voices of our finest poets! Each participant is limited to two lines of text, and you must contact Lord Whitewolf or Ariel to register.

Hurry though, as only the first 10 people who respond will be accepted. Please contact them at ICQ# 57375224 or 61406480. The dramatic prize for the honored poet will be a dozen roses.

Gates will be provided from the Yew Winery doors beginning at 7:45 CST.

  • When: February 11th

  • Where: Sir Barron's Trammel Tower in Yew, Coordinates 47o 22N 35o 26W

  • Time: 8:00 CST

If you need any information, please contact Lord Whitewolf or Ariel at the numbers listed above.

Posted Wednsday 1-31-01

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