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TUR Clan Relations

Allies of the clan:

CMG - Cove Merchant's Guild:

We've helped each other out a number of times, back and forth, defending Cove and them, defending the village.


Guidmistress: Heather

AB - Aurora Borealis:

No official ceremony was made to forge the alliance. But it is there, and strong.


Guildmaster: Calmair

Non-Agression Pacts/Peace:

TUR currently has no non-agression pacts with other organizations.

Enemies of the clan:

We believe that enemies of the clan deserve no publicity and as such, are listed only by their guild name and war status. The guildless have no official status here:

USA - Patriotic Sons of Liberty: Warred to OOT
BC - Black Company: Warred to no TUR-sanctioned stones
POS - Protectors of the Spawn and associated guilds: Warred to no TUR-sanctioned stones

Orders of Excellence:

Listed here are those organizations that are established and exceed that of the average to recieve TUR's Order of Excellence. Listed in no particular order:

Cove Merchant's Guild

Red Devil's Storefront and Auction and the Red Devil Guard

Kazola's Treetop Keg and Winery

Bloodrock Clan

Krista's Rangerstation

Deciples of Mondain

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