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Joining The UnRuled

So you want to join TUR...

If you don't want to wander the Yew wilderness, searching for Outy, or even find out that he's nowhere to be found when you get to TUR Village (or any of the other major TUR establishments), here's a quick and easy way you can make known to him your interest in the clan.

The application process

All you have to do is fill out all of the below applications, INCLUDING "Comments". The Comments portion of the form is very important. You can put pretty much anything you want there as long as it states your reason for joining and why you think you'd make a good member along with your other comments. (Keep in mind, you're still going to have to complete the joining process. Membership is not granted based on the application alone).

Once you fill out the form, simply submit and it will be sent to us via e-mail and we will try to reply in a timely fashion. Our preferred method of contact is ICQ, so it is strongly encouraged that you download ICQ if you do not already have it.

We will review all submissions for joining the clan and if we think you're someone who the clan could truly benefit from and enjoy your addition, we will contact you and and make sure you understand the process. Often, you will need to spend about a week's time, lingering around the well-taveled TUR locations such as TUR Village, TUR Colonial Hamlet, or Terra Blanca Fortress and getting to know the clan. You can use this time to introduce yourself to others and to generally decide if the clan is right for you. This one-week period is not always 7 days. 'Could be 4, 'could be 14. It's just a guideline for the timeframe.

We in clan TUR take a no hand-holding approach to potential members. That is to say, we like to see initiative. Though there are certain exceptions, it is generally expected that you find your own way to the various main TUR places of congregation. For your actions during this time greatly reflect on what sort of member you will turn out to be down the road. Self-reliance and the ability to learn and improvise are very desirable attributes to us. Use this as your chance to exhibit these things to us through your actions in the joining process. Everyone will naturally have questions or the most basic needs, but petitioners(people attempting to join this clan) who right-off-the-bat ask excessive, non-clan related questions about the game, or harass existing members for supplies and various other items will likely not be oblidged or admitted.

In order to find your way to popular TUR establishments, referrence the TUR Village page. It has detailed directions and maps for just such purposes. Strut your initiative! Show us you can follow a map and coordinates! The more capable you are, the more desirable a member you become to us.

There is a stone called "Outlanders of TUR" - "OOT". This stone is used for protecting TUR Village. You cannot apply to join to this stone as it is a privilage for TUR members and you must be an exsisting member of the clan to be admitted. You can read about the OOT stone here.

To help you better sort all of this into a clearer echelon of what you must do in order to become a member, check off each of these steps in your mind as you do them.
1. Resign from your current organization if you are currently in one. (All characters)
2. Send in an application here and wait to be contacted.**
3. Make sure you've read over the TURbies and TUR Village pages in addition to this one.
4. When contacted, answer any additional questions asked. Then seek out TURs at any of the three major accepted TUR places of congregation(TUR Village, TUR Colonial Hamlet, Terra Blanca Fortress). Show up and participate with the rest of the clan regularly. More or less, do exactly what you'd do if you were a member. Over time, you'll become one.
5. You'll be contacted to be signed up. Being present often makes this likely to happen sooner rather than later.

**In the instance that you suspect there was a problem with your application, wait 1 week from the time you first applied, and send the next one in a regular e-mail with the same information. If another week passes and you still suspect we did not recieve it, you may add ICQ 4166585 to your list and make sure. It's important that you do not add this ICQ to your list prior to sending in an application or before contact. Doing so can cause you to be looked over due to mislabeling. Wait to be added or contacted unless you suspect the above-listed problem.

Once you join, please read the "TURbies" page to find out what you'll need to do next, or just read it now so you'll know what will be expected of you. If you'd like a more visual introduction before applying, take the Tour of TUR.

Before you request membership, please note: It is not hard to get into the clan. But quitting and then getting back in is almost impossible. We don't require anything of people wanting to join but commitment. Anyone who wishes to leave may do so as the door swings both ways, but keep in mind stone-hopping or simply joining, leaving a week later, then asking to join again is frowned upon and not acceptable.

It is also important to note that roughly only 15% of all those who apply here eventually come to wear the TUR name. Before you ever submit that application, be absolutely sure that you have the dedication this clan requires.

Thanks for considering to call TUR your own and we look forward to meeting you!

*Note: We will not reply to submissions that are not filled out in all areas.

Before you ever send in an application, you should have already resigned from any guild or organization on Ultima Online that requires any of your characters to be listed on a guildstone.

TUR Membership Application

Application type:

*Select "Join TUR" if you wish to become a full member of TUR.
*Select "Reapp" if you resigned your membership to the clan and wish to become a member again.
*Select "Joined Already" if you have already been accepted for membership, but have been asked to submit an application for the record.

Primary UO Name:

*It is prefered that you download and use ICQ if you do not already. If you do not have ICQ at the moment, list your contact for your current messenger below. Type "N/A" beside the messengers you do not use.


MSN Messenger Contact:

AOL Messenger Contact:

Email Address:

Real Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Shipping Address:
(For mailings and other spiffy TUR stuff.)

Street Address:
City, State or Province, Zip Code:
Country or Region:

How long have you been playing UO?:

 Less than 1 year  1 year  2 years  3 years  4 or more

What are the names of your characters?:
(This helps us recognize various characters of yours that we may see wandering about)
If you have more than 3 accounts, just enter your main characters.

Account 1
Account 2
Account 3


Application Status:

All information submitted using this form will be viewed only by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod unless there is some referrence to an emberassing childhood moment involving carebear underpants and mathclass, in which case this information will likely be passed on to many, many people.

If the form doesn't work for you, send it to

If you're uncertain about joining, the best and only way to find out what it's actually like being in the clan is to meet it's members and hang around them. You might like it, you might not. Who knows, you might even get invited to join.

Ummm...It's probably best that you view this thingy using 800x600 pixels n' stuff...If anything here looks a little funny to you, you probably didn't listen to a word I just said.