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Legends of TUR

This page is dedicated to the exceptional clansmen throughout TUR's history as well as to the great stories and memories that makes the clan what it is today.

Our heritage:

Here is a dynasty -- ancient by most standards of the online realm. It started years ago as a group of highschoolers gathering daily at "the barn" to dress in medieval, fantasy/D&D costumes and battle each other. Participating in regional SCA and Amtguard events. Moving later to reside online, existing only as names -- avatars to represent our presence, beta-testing for Diablo and eventually devoting ourselves there full time. And now, calling the virtual multiverse of Ultima Online our home.

As leader I am left, willingly mind you, carrying the torch. Making sure the name lives on. Others, I'm sure, will claim the same, but as I have been here all of this time, I have honestly not seen another online "clan" that has been here as long as we have. And I do not plan on going anywhere, so I predict after a few more years, I can say that we ARE the oldest clan in this realm with full confidence and undisputedly.

In this place, you cannot destroy something unless your will is greater than that which you wish to perish. Inasmuch as pretenders will come, bringing a promise of the decimation of this clan, I know I will outlive their time here. And as I do, as will the clan.

A treasure to find here, is a person who shares your views and ambitions and will help you see them come to pass. The cycle can sometimes be sad, as people do come and go. But their passages through this place will forever be etched on the tablet of time and mold the future in many ways, making the clan as it is today, and the today's that will come.

When the time comes to lay the final stone in this road which we've been paving since the beginning, I will be very curious to see where that road has taken us and will regret nothing. Perhaps with the path cleared, others can travel on that great road and reach easily that which we've spent our lifetimes trying to attain.


What is TUR?

People have come and wondered what exactly TUR is. This question is usually answered by a description of some of the things we do. But I got to wondering myself one night. Really thinking about what TUR is. Well? What is it? It was a much deeper question than I could have imagined. At first, I wasn't quite sure, but then it dawned on me what we've been doing for all of these years.

TUR is not a guild. It is not something to join to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. It is not a group of people. It is not a class. TUR is a force. A collective of minds; of prowess, ability, and skill. Many entities, functioning as one to affect the surrounding enviornment.

People may also wonder why a guild, taking the name "The UnRuled" has leadership. The name itself is very powerful, and carries with it a literal meaning. However, without order is not this purpose. You can call me "momma". I have more devotion to this clan than any other person on Earth. I stay to keep it safe; to keep it strong.

Through and through, I've seen many come and many go. If I were to leave, others would gladly take the position. But in their desire to lead something grand would look past our ways, our lineage, and our history. I stay to make sure that every new member knows the rich history behind their loyalty, and to see that the clan stays alive and well. Remember my name. And know that for everytime it is seen until the day I die and long after that, it will bear the name of The UnRuled!


The best damn soldier ever to wear the red...


Over time, amongst the thousands of people who have ever been affiliated with the name of this clan. There are a handful that have made a distinct impression on it's path. They are as follows.

Farina Bronaugh

Farina was a dear friend whom I will always remember. Although she was not in any hurry to disclose it, later, it was discovered that Farina was actually only given a feminine name due to her rogue class in Diablo (all rogues were female characters). About a year of knowing this person, it was formally changed to Farren Bronaugh.

He was part of the original nine, a charter member of The Table of Might, and TUR's original First Knight. Farina had a very comical approach to life and was a wonderful advisor. Excellent skills in organization and overall very competent. Farina was the leader of the guild Shades in clan TUR. These members wore no guild tags other than their TUR tags for clan TUR.

Eventually fading as TUR was approaching it's prime on and becomming somewhat of a relic. The stuff of future TURs. When I compare anyone to the things a TUR should be and stand for, it is this person. Farren Bronaugh was last seen a couple of years ago, visiting channel TUR on


A lost soul. Someone with an uncertain purpose, but a strong love for TUR. Off and on as a member of The UnRuled, mostly on through many trials and rough times. I'm not sure I have an opinion on this person. But she deserved a mention here.


A fiery individual indeed and true to her name. Perhaps one of the most accomplished TURs in the online realm. The former leader of the Keepers of Knowledge(TUR.KK) - A guild of clan TUR on In everything she does, she shows exceptional organization and leadership. She was an invaluable aid in our wars and especialy in one of our more noted wars, such as the one against the Immortal Alliance and was also known to many as a mother of sorts.

Serving somewhere in the range of about 2 years in the clan, she eventually left to pursue her own ambitions and dreams. Sometimes a place just isn't big enough for two visionaries. Last known to be the leader of the WoLF clan on

Karim Stone

I met up with the name as I was first establishing TUR on Ultima Online. A wonderful merchant and a man of many talents. Demonstrating his ability, Karim quickly rose to become second in command of the clan. He helped organize many gatherings and other miscellaneous campaigns including house placing for members.

Karim is still in Ultima Online and is the owner of the various Shadowstone estates.


Eclipse has known the name TUR for quite a while. He was at one time, a member of the TUR.KK (Keepers of Knowledge) on, lead by Sinner (listed above). Eclipse is the reason I chose Great Lakes. He helped me get aquainted with the game mechanics and interface of Ultima Online when I first came here.

He later joined up with The UnRuled once again down the road. And led House Eclipse in the OOT days. He still resides in Ultima Online and can sometimes be seen around.


Most people remember him as Prophet Belial. He was the most skilled at PvP of any of the OOTs or TURs in his time. An excellent trainer of men. He could whip TURbies into fighting shape faster than anyone I've ever known. A former Lord of Clan TUR and leader of House Belial.

A great companion -- we always knew where the other stood. Jabez has since moved on to other things in the real world.

Skye MacLeod

A legend in the making. Skye has done much for the clan, including funding for the placement of alot of TUR Village as it is today. She has repaired and given away countless suits of armor and weapons -- enough to melt and build a railroad from Trinsic to Minoc. Skye has also helped bring this clan into a more professional level of operation.

Her last know whereabouts are Outy n' Skye's bedroom on the third floor of the North Sentry.

Group Pictures - 3-30-00:

Not as many people showed as I'd have liked, but these turned out nice.

Group Pictures - 7-8-00:

These were taken at Terra Blanca Fortress.

"The good ol' days"

Here's a peep at what TUR looked like on b-net in the Diablo days: oLdE sKeWl TUR(lol)

A postcard from the beach from Outy and Skye

Posted near the end of Outy and Skye's beach vacation together on the day of 10-06-2000:
The Postcard

Old Quests

The Dragon Knights
Represent your clan and township to defend the virtues!

The Way
Phoenixes, liches, dark lords, and important reference for Risen.

The story continues.


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