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A book of shady origin

Title: Alkart's book on Humanity

By: Alkart

tattered tome of snippets Humanity is the masses, and the masses are always wrong. That is the most simple way of saying it, and perhaps the nicest way. Even now you crawl along on the ground painfully aware of your limitations. Even now you judge other by not by the virtue of heart but by the outside appearance. I a stranger to your land was hated upon by all but a few, and when I almost gave my life to defeat an evil I was rejected because of my choice!

Some may call me insane, some may call me day, but I just serve a Golden Master, and after all sanity is just the insanity of the masses. You are so called civilized, and you say magic is now a tool and no longer a mystic's game. But I disagree, you are greed, you see magic as some sort of icon, it is no longer a passion but a consuming lust for power. no matter how miniscule the gain it is worth it no matter the cause.

Even now you are waiting to be called like wheat, I am scythe. You are waititng to be picked and processed to feed my appitite, I no longer just wish to have friendship, no now I wish to be a devourer, not of food but of men. I am Alkart and I serve the Golden Master. Be aware my coming is being foretold and soon the Darkness shall overwhelm you all.

"In rebirth all of the old elements must be destroyed."

"Humanity is willing to believe in good so much as they are willing to follow it blindly, even into the maw of dispair."

"They are minions of darkness that are the warped souls of mankind, funny how easy it is to get a man on the dark path."

"The souls of humanity are an untapped resource that nothing can rival."

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