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Found in a secret cave in the Shame mountain pass

Title: For Dupre

By: Malabelle

I could wait no longer, paladin. T'was a blessing that Juo'nar's mind was filled with the dreams of the honors Minax might heap upon him at his capture of "the Traitor" as he put it - instead of creating a suitable prison for one such as myself.

E'en in my weekened state I was able to overcome the sorcery that bound me here. But I could not spare a moment once free - for Juo'nar vowed to return soon to complete his "interrogation".

Though I must lay in secret, perhaps for the rest of my days, I am free from this danger for now. I know thou seek the key I once held - would that I could deliver it by my own hands - but the orbs are bound to one another.

If kept with me, Juo'nar would have little trouble finding me again - and I doubt I would be kept for Minax's judgement this time.

And so I have secreted it away in my haste to flee from danger, and left this hidden note for thee. Make haste to the key, I have hidden it at 15o43'N 77o29'W by the sextant's measure - Juo'nar will use the power of his key to find it, so there is no time to waste. I do this for Tyball's sake, and for none other.

If it were not for my trust in ye, I would not grant this favor to Britannia. Know this, "Paladin of Honor", thou art in my debt from this day forth. - Malabelle

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