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1st Fragment of the Tome of the Gold One - Sacrifice

Title: Sacrifice Fragment

By: Truth's Hand

As given to the Gold One, uopon the shores of the ancient sea of Llandaris, long before the death of the evil Mondain.
This is the first of the Eight, speaks on the heart that bleeds willingly...
Of Sacrifice.

Palm up the hand curled slightly
As the lantern flickers shadows
Upon the dim wall
I am for you...
All that lives and breaths
Leads, follows, stands

When you I call I will take the sword of self
And cut the shadows that curse you
Or fall between us
At your word
For what is right...I bend as the willow
For what is right...I stand as the oak
For what is right...My blood will stain the earth
of oak and willow falling willingly to it's embrace

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