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2nd Fragment of the Tome of the Gold One - Compassion

Title: Compassion Fragment

By: Gold Tome of Virtue

No heart stands free
of the rain
of the sun
of the wind
We are all under the star's lights
and stand in the light of others
as if a thousand stars
What glory one star that shines alone?

Look to the tears of others
to find your own mending
And in the smile of others
to find your sweetest joy
In the vale of life your own tears
Taste bitterest when they are not brushed away
By the hand of compassion's caress
Whate'er name is bears

For you must heed the sparrow's cry
And feel the pathos of the empty nest
The infant's cry not go unheeded
In the curving forest of his fear
That seals around us in our own trembling
Lest we awaken suddenly in the night
To find the
cry is...

our own.

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