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4th Fragment of the Tome of the Gold One - Honesty

Title: Honesty Fragment

By: Gold Virtues Tome

Words break and mend
Stitching our lives
The needle of truth pierces it's fabric
Weaving a pattern of bright array
Brightly hued dyes
Shimmer and waken with the hearing.

Weave with bright colors the days
And with the blue of hope
And the subtle reds of love requited
And the yellows of tears long dry
Hue them violet with sweet thoughts
And let them flow with soft verdant beauty
Til all who behold your weaving
Stand in awe before an honest heart's beauty

Would you stain the tapestry
Breach it's threads and wear them thin
Dark smudged with oily lies
Scented foul with the breath of the deceiver?

Weaver, you must tend your weaving
Plying the colors of honesty's soft palette
Lest the pattern alter and disfigure
'Til only memories ring clear in the last threads
The beauty of your own tapestry

...forever lost.

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