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5th Fragment of the Tome of the Gold One - Justice

Title: Justice Fragment

By: Gold Tome of Virtue

The scales weigh and measure
Yet they are cold, and unyielding
Merciless, objective, harsh
Balace is only balance
As they tip and sway
Our scales are heavy with living
And with the dead
We must remember one
And honor the other

Our scales are quicksilver
and we must weigh with wisdom
Tipping the scales...
with the lead of the right
Shifting the scales...
With the gold of our hearts
Measuring the scales...
by what we know and feel

For balance is not justice always
And she wears a blindfold to be fair
Yet it leads sometimes to not seeing the right
Yet we know when we reach it
By it's simple rise and fall
In the mercury of our hearts

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