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Clan Meetings and Events

We have here announcements for dates and descriptions of clan meetings and events!

The dates listed in the title of posts are the actual dates that the events are supposed to happen and are not the dates of the posts. Meetings, gatherings, and events of the private sort are usually listed on the TUR Discussion Forum as not to invite those who seek the disruption of events. Members are encouraged, nay, implored to visit the TUR Discussion Forum often for this purpose.

*2-01-03 - Dogbert's CTF:

Dogbert's Capture the Flag will take place Saturday, February 1, 2003.

All registration is due January 25th.

A 5k entrance fee is due January 31st.

You can contact Dogbert at

Dogbert has the details posted at

*11-09-02 - Paetzo's Capture The Flag:

From Paetzo DeMerde of TUR

The event will take place Saturday, November 9th at 5pm Central Time.

We will meet at Terra Blanca Fortress, where rules will be reviewed briefly and team jerseys given out.

Anyone wishing to attend, but not able to make it at this time should contact me immiediately, so a change can be made in time for everyone to know about the update.

If anyone has suggestions about other items to be used as flags (such as the chest filled with weight idea) or a concern about not having enough supplies available for this event, feel free to icq me also. If you think that the maximum number of reagants, arrows, potions and such is too low, let me know. I've not hosted such an event with larger numbers that we will most likely have before, so this will be a learning experience for me. I will reitterate that ANY thoughts or suggestions about ANY aspect of the event are thorougly welcomed and appreciated.

You can contact me at ICQ 8485317 or email me at


Paetzo's CTF Rules and Guidelines

Each team will be outfitted in Blue and Red robes to signify their team.

Any caster participating will be alloted 75 of each reagant for each game (best of 7 matches is a game.If we play more than one game, reequipping will be allowed), if they should run out, they will need to collect regs from a teammate.

Any warrior will be allowed 60 bandages and 10 of each of the following potions: Greater Heal, Greater Cure and Dex/Str potions (in any combination adding to 10) If they should run out, they will need to collect more of these items from a teammate. Archers will be allowed 300 arrows.

Tamed creatures will not be allowed inside a base, only outdoors or in the courtyard of your castle. Be warned, if a team is threatened by your tame, they can kill it. You've been warned!

Officials will do resurrections on players. If you die, return to your base at your flag and an official will resurrect you. Any player who is looting their body is to be considered 'neutral' until which time as they put their jersey back on. Neutral players may not attack or assist any other player until they have put their jersey back on. You may also not advance toward an enemy base without your jersey, you can however return to your home base and get organized if you wish.

You cannot loot anything from an opposing teams corpse, unless it is a Flag. (We will most likely use a Hat or Half apron as the flag, for all to see.)

If you have the flag, you MUST wear it unless it is YOUR teams flag.

If your teams flag is retrieved from an enemy, it must be immediately returned to your teams base via a recall. Recall scrolls and runes will be allowed to each member for this purpose. None other! You may not recall to escape danger or to return your flag quickly. Anyone with no skill in magery sufficient enough for recall should alert the official on duty so they know that the player will need to be escorted back to their home base.

You may not reclaim a flag from an opposing team until it is returned to their base. You also may not loot an enemy teams flag from a player on your team who has died. You CAN however, pass the flag between teammates, so long as the person with the flag is WEARING it.

Do not attack officials, (they will be dressed in white and black attire) or any player who is being escorted by an official (the official will make it known when and who they are escorting).

Flags may not be locked down, or put inside containers, they MUST remain at the appointed spot unless taken by an enemy team.

No mounts of any kind will be allowed, unless the player is an Official for the event.

You may not use items to block the path to a flag.

Magic weapons, armor and items will not be allowed (including runic, tribal spears, slayers, arcane clothing, fire horns, invis rings, heal wands, etc), this will level the playing field for all, and make sure we don't have any issues with vanqs 'disappearing' amidst the chaos of the event. Dragonscale, or special leather is ok. As a general rule, if it can be crafted, it is probably allowed (with the exception of runics and arcane clothing)

We will probably do a 'Best of 7' matches game. If people still want to play, we can do Best of 3 games. (7 matches per game).

And remember there is valor in winning justly, and honor in losing graciously.

All rules are pending Outy's consent and the majorities thoughts on each rule, the number of items, available items and such are all subject to change. We will post a Final version before the event takes place.


Thoughts or questions about rules can be directed to me via ICQ at 8485317 or to an Official the day of the event.

Posted Tuesday 10-29-02

Updated Tuesday 10-30-02

Meeting & Event Archives:


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