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First off, let us start by saying Welcome to TUR and we're glad to have you aboard! We put this here to explain all the stuff that every TURbie needs to know upon joining. This way we don't have to do it over and over for every single new member :)

What? You haven't joined yet?

If you haven't joined, just go here and see how to do it.

Upon joining...

Once you join, there are a couple things that you'll need:

1.) You need to get ICQ and add me to your list (Outy:4166585). If you don't have ICQ, get it! We might make it a requisite for joining soon, but as for now, we just strongly urge you to get it. You can dowload it here

2.) Well, now that you've got ICQ, get some clan-red on. There are clan-red dyetubs on the first floors of the North Sentry and Terra Blanca for public use. There's also a vendor by the stairs in The North Sentry, named Aura that sells clan-red clothing. It doesn't matter what type of clothing you have that's clan-red or how much as long as you have some on. However, kilts are the traditional wear of the clan.

Once you've got those you're pretty much set. All you need to do now is hang around and get to know everybody. There's nothing that can really be specified as far as what will be required of you. The most important thing of all is that you show up regularly. Everything else just comes along with that regarding what we'll be doing that day/week/month.

It's important that you use every resource on this site to it's fullest. It is there for you. Keep in mind also that most questions you might be tempted to ask are already covered somewhere herein. Whenever a question or topic is brought up enough, it is usually addressed here. It has been stated many times that we look for initiative and self-reliance in members. Show us that you can dig up the info. We like muchly someone who knows all of the in's and out's of the clan before ever becoming a member.

We keep you posted on upcoming meetings and events that we have planned for the clan, so check the Meetings and Events page regularly for new plans. And help with such things is always welcome. Please contact us if you'd be interested in helping out with something.

Where are we located?

TUR Village, where the clan resides in Felucca is straight NE from Yew or the Yew moongate. The coordinates for the heart of TUR village are: 94o 55'N, 23o 45'W

There is also TUR Colonial Hamlet which is in the same area as TUR Village on the Trammel side. The same directions apply to finding it as TUR Village.

Terra Blanca Fortress is a castle Northeast of Britain, North of Cove, West of the Covetous mountains, and East of Compassion desert. Runes are available in TUR Colonial Hamlet towers.

For detailed depictions of the TUR Village and TUR Colonial Hamlet locations, reffer to the TUR Village page which has full-color maps of their location(Spiffy pointer arrows included!)

What can the clan do for you?

First off, you should never join a clan for what it offers you. You should join a clan because YOU can help it. So YOU can be a productive member and help build on the clan.

We do train our members and on occasion, provide them with gear and supplies, but won't do so until we believe you are worth the investment. We don't want to spend alot of time, effort, and money on someone who will be gone after they get what they want. When you first join, NEVER ask to be given free stuff or for favors. If we see you around regularly, and you're putting forth some real effort, the perks will just come naturally and without question. We don't recruit just anyone who walks in, wanting to join, so think about what you have to offer US.

Also, we're not a war guild so don't suggest that we go Order/Chaos or declare war on anyone. If it is so needed, OOT(Outlanders of TUR) will do the fighting. You may not join OOT simply to fight. You must be accepted as a member of TUR to be allowed on the OOT stone. We are not about war, and those who take their responsibilities in OOT lightly are not good canidates and will likely not be admitted. We also have the TUN stone which is a Council of Mages faction stone. It is used mainly to fight local Shadowlord affiliates who are either not guilded or aren't worth the effort of being warred to OOT. The same rules apply to this stone - Non-TURs aren't allowed to participate on it.

We're sorry, but we cannot help you with providing extra storage space in the public facilities. You may look around the various TUR establishments and think we have all the extra space in the world. Well, it's more complicated than that. We don't care to go into great detail with why it isn't possible, but we like it known that it isn't. If you are without a home, make that known to the Clan on the Discussion Board. There are many generous folks in the Clan, and some very skilled house placers. Chances are, if you are seen making an effort, someone will be able to help you out.

"No man can serve two masters"

Moonlighting is not allowed in the clan. Whenever you join, YOU, yourself join the clan -- not one of your various characters. You may not have other characters in different guilds and still be considered part of the clan. The only exceptions to this rule are the TUN ("The UnRuled - Council of Mages") and OOT ("Outlanders of TUR") stones which are both considered part of clan TUR.

Personal guildstones are allowed. Guildstones that exclusively have only your personal characters on them and aren't part of a larger organization are not subject to this policy.

On the same note, It's important that your account is secure. Accounts that can be accessed by more than the person who we recruited into TUR will be very limited in privileges as it's impossible to discern between the two or more individuals, operating the same characters. Sometimes a discovery of an account that is not secure may result in an expulsion of all characters on that account from the clan. Example: "I'm sorry, it was my little brother's fault! He sneaks on sometimes." As nice as you may be, we cannot afford to tolerate accounts that have been comprimised.

When resigning from the clan, no matter on what terms, it is important that you norify the Chieftain prior to or upon doing so. Failure to notify anyone of your resignation may hurt your chances of being allowed back in the future.

Behave yourselves!

We don't mind if you fight inside as long as you go somewhere in the village where you're not bothering anyone else. You risk being removed by fighting in the middle of folks who are trying to have a conversation -- especially guests.

As far as sparring goes, like the above, we don't mind as long as you don't do it in a place that might bother people. Sparring is not allowed on the first floor of The North Sentry as it is used heavily by the clan and guests. On top of that, skills no longer gain as much inside a house as they do outside, so you'd be better off doing that outside anyway.

TUR Village is a player-run community and as a member of the clan that runs it, you should adhere to certain rules that should be unspoken, but apparently some people just don't seem to grasp, so we'll name them here:

*Don't snoop guests without reason. And blowing up their trapped pouches...that's just plain annoying.
*Refrain from using kewl dood ebonics while we're hosting quests related events in the village or away, participating in a quest. At least TRY to role-play.
*While we have guests, do not use sexually explicit, foul, or otherwise offensive language. Didn't your mothers teach you this was just plain rude?!
*Openly bickering with members of your own clan or allies is prohibited. Just don't do it.
*Do not be a jerk-off. If you are exhibiting behavior synonymous with being a jerk-off, you will be notified not to be a jerk-off.
*If you beg and harass members of the clan repeatedly for favors and free things, you risk being exiled. We're a proud clan. And not one of beggers and helpless people who can't do anything on their own. Further, living in such a way, you will not have many friends.

If someone in the clan is blatently unaware of our policies, please send them here.

Some people may say that a clan called The UnRuled shouldn't have any rules. Let me make the purpose of this section a bit more lucid for the people who think such things: All "rules" listed here are guidelines. But with many young people allowed to join - they may not have yet learned how to behave in a mature fashion. Please keep in mind that this section is for your benefit -- to prevent you from looking like a jerk-off. And if you think any guidelines listed here are simply silly and pointless, know that only things that have caused problems repeatedly already are mentioned here. If people didn't actually do these things, there wouldn't be a need for this section. Most of it should be known and unspoken.

Now, all of that is out of the way...

As I said, we help train members and provide gear and supplies on occasion. Also, durring the primetime of the day/evening, we are usualy around to repair your weapons and armor as well as resurrect you should you fall.

We enjoy hosting many events which could prove to be really fun for you, depending on how much you put into it. Also, we could always use extra hands, running the various TUR establishments. If you'd be interested, contact Outy and let him know what you'd like to work as.

We look forward to seeing you on a regular basis and working with you to improve the clan and make it great! Report to The North Sentry ASAP for your first job!

Other cool TUR stuff

TUR Dicussion Forum

All are encouraged to read and post on the TUR Discussion Forum. The forum is not private but restricted in order to avoid problem users. You can sign up for the TUR Private group or you can go straight to the TUR Discussion Forum and will be prompted to create a Network54 account and send in an application to TUR Private if you're not already signed up.

TUR Gallery

We also have the TUR Gallery where you can go get create your very own TUR profile and have a web presence for your character(s), brows a vast screenshot library, or view the TUR Photo Album.

Queensgate Chateau

If you wish to host a public event and would like to rent the space to do it and be co-owned for the event to sanction it, then take a look at the Queensgate Chateau.

Ummm...It's probably best that you view this thingy using 800x600 pixels n' stuff...If anything here looks a little funny to you, you probably didn't listen to a word I just said.

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