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About OOT:

OOT is an abbreviation for Outlanders Of TUR - a guildstone. It is not a separation from clan TUR, nor is it an individual outfit. With the way this realm is set up, it is not possible to legally war other organizations without the entire roster being at war - thus, the Outlanders. OOT is a tool of the clan. It is the means by which we wage war.

OOT is not a "war stone" - A term used loosely to describe a guildstone in which people bandwagon on in order to just PvP. As stated above, it is a tool of clan TUR, and as such, cannot be joined by those who are not members of TUR. Only one character per member is allowed to sign up on the OOT stone. The location of the stone is only given as needed and is not listed here.

OOT protects TUR Village on the Felucca facet as our Trammel establishments need no such protection.


1. Always respect your opponent. No matter how undeserving.

2. Never speak to the enemy. That is to say, you don't converse buddy-buddy with them, and you also do not talk smack.

3. Fighting is not your goal. Perserving the peace is.

4. You must never use your fighting ability to take advantage of the young and meek or to satisfy your own exhibitions.

5. Despite your duty, do not show discourtesy to your brothers and sisters - All are equal and under one flag.

6. Uphold our ways. You are to make clear that TUR is not a guild. We are a clan with stiff discernment.

Roster and wars:

The OOT stone could have many members or none, depending on our current status. For a listing of both members and war status visit our webstone on the OSI website at

OOT Members:

As an OOT member, you should find a partner. This person must also be OOT. Train with your partner and work on combo's and keeping each other cured and healed. You should become quite good at fighting with a partner after a while and be able to switch when your partner is not around.

For example, a mage can keep a person still with para while their partner smacks them with a hally. With the fast, low-mana spells of today, it's also important that your partner spots you for healing and curing. Over time, you'll get used to each other's fighting styles and compliment each other quite nicely.

If you fight all of the time, you WILL die. Expect it. The ideal outfitting for a warrior consists of GM armor and weapons and a compliment of potions. For mages, 30-50 of each reg, perhaps a weapon if they have a melee skill and potions. Don't take anything with you that you cannot afford to lose.

Final notes:

OOT is not for the weak of heart. It is a harsh duty in a harsh facet. It is also not a means by which adolescents can release built up testosterone. OOT's are very diciplined in their conduct and fighting. Those who participate in its cause should be very proud of the fact.

The overall goals of Clan TUR are many. However, conflict is not one of them. Those who seek to join TUR simply for the chance to fight warring guilds will likely not be granted admittance. The Outlanders protect our homes and see that our land stays peaceful and free.

Ummm...It's probably best that you view this thingy using 800x600 pixels n' stuff...If anything here looks a little funny to you, you probably didn't listen to a word I just said.

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