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Green Thorns
Current as of 10-1-2002

Green thorns are the new resource that have been released with this scenario. "What do they have to do with the scenario?" you ask? Well, I suppose they were released with it and that's good enough! These resources can be produced by bright green snakeplants and single-barrel cacti.

This is what the green thorn looks like.

You cannot plant it in the grass!

Find some dirt and push that needle into it.

Reagents are spontaneously appearing!

Not bad for 1 resource. On this particular growth, we have made: 35 ash, 26 moss, 19 silk, and 15 mandrake.

Here are the grow-your-own-reagents plants that everyone was hoping for when plants were first implemented.

Other Terrain Types:

In addition to making reagents spontaneously appear, here are some other terrain types that produce effects when a green thorn is pushed into them.

In Swamp:

When planted in a swamp, we have summoned, a whipping vine.
On the body of the whipping vine is a removeable vine. These decorative vines come in 4 versions with East and South facings.
Here's a demonstration of their appearance on a wall. Note, there are two different facings for this vine type(As well as others).

On Farm:

When planting on a farm, we have summoned a vorpal bunny.
A vorpal bunny is extremely fast and sometimes slips through walls. It is also very hard to kill and cannot be tamed. After being topside for a while, the vorpal bunny will dig a hole and escape.
If you do a lot of damage, you might be able to kill the vorpal bunny, and might then be rewarded with a statue and brightly-colored eggs. The chance to get eggs is somewhat rare.

In Snow:

When planted in snow, you will summon a giant ice worm and several ice snakes.
The giant ice worm can be tamed and kept as a pet.

In Sand:

If planted in sand, the sand around it will collapse, revealing a dark hole.
When entered, you'll find yourself in a secret lair of the Solen Hive.
If you're working on a Naturalist quest, discovering this secret egg nest in addition to the regular 4 Solen egg nests will get you a special reward: A rare fire red seed.

The Others:

Water, rocky bumps, mountains, jungle terrain, dungeon floors, and cave floors do not produce a green thorn effect.

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