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Solen Matriarch Quest
Current as of 10-3-2002

In Week 3 of the Solen scenario, the rocks have been removed to the 3rd level of the Solen hives, revealing the matriarch's lair. To get there, find any Solen ant hole that leads to the hive, then hop down. Once you make way to level 2, seek the entrance to level 3. It will have been previously filled in with rocks, but will not appear as the other holes in the hive.

The matriarch's lair contains entry/exit holes to all other holes and is an excellent place to hop around while completing an ambitious queen's quest. When you've found her, feed her a seed--Any seed to initiate conversation.

Quest Offer from the Matriarch:
The Solen Matriarch smiles happily as she eats the seed you offered.

I thank you for that seed. It was quite delicious. So full of flavor.

Hmm... if you would like, I could make you a friend of my colony. This would stop the warriors, workers, and queens of my colony from thinking you are an intruder, this they would not attack you. In addition, as a friend of my colony I will process zoogi fungus into powder of translocation for you.

To become a friend of my colony, I ask that you undertake two tasks for me. These are the same tasks I will ask of you when you wish me to process zoogi fungus, by the way.

First, I would like for you to eliminate some infiltrators from the other solen colony. They are spying on my colony, and I fear for the safety of my people. They must be slain.

After that, I must ask that you gather some water for me. Our water supplies are inadequate, so we must try to supplement our reserve using water vats here in our lair.

Will you accept my offer?

She's very happy about the seed you gave her. It has started what seems to be the begining of a beautiful, buggy friendship. The matriarch explains the bulk of the quest, which entails killing rival Solen infiltrators. These infiltrators must be from a rival colony(If you're talking to a black matriarch, she wants you to kill red infiltrators). You must also find yourself 8 pitchers of water for later when you'll have to help the matriarch with her inadequate water supply by filling up her reserve vats a little. Accept if you wish to complete this task for her.

Conversation Event with the Matriarch:
The Solen matriarch looks pleased that you've accepted.

Very good. Please start by hunting some infiltrators from the other solen colony and eliminating them. Slay 7 of them and then return to me.

Farewell for now and good hunting.

Your new friend is most pleased with you! Now, you must seek out some pesky Solen infiltrators from the opposing colony. Since we happened to be talking to a black Solen Matriarch, we headed to Trammel to slay red infiltrators. We found some in the mountain tunnels of the entrance to Wind.

Solen Infiltrators spawn all throughout the windey valleys on the way to the Wind entrance.

This is what the little buggers look like. As you can see, they come in both Warrior and Queen versions.

Conversation Event with the Matriarch:
The Solen Matriarch nods favorable as you approach her.

Marvelous! I'm impressed at your ability to hunt and kill enemies for me. My colony is thankful.

Now I must ask that you gather some water for me. A standard pitcher of water holds approximately one fallon. Please decant 8 gallons of fresh water into our water vats.

Farewell for now.

Now that you've knocked out 7 infiltrators, it's time for the more mundane task of adding to their water reserve vats. Remember, you need 8 pitchers worth.

Conversation Event with the Matriarch:
The Solen matriarch listens as you report the completion of your tasks to her.

I give you my thanks for your help, and I will gladly make you a friend of my solen colony. My warriors, workers, and queens will no longer attack you when you enter our lair.

I will also process some zoogi fungus into powder of translocation for you. Two of the zoogi fungi are required for each measure of the powder. I will process up to 200 zoogi fungi into 100 measures of powder of translocation.

I will also give you some gold for assisting me and my colony, but first let's take care of your zoogi fungus.

Excellent. You're all done with your side of the deal. Now, hand her some zoogi fungus to be changed into translocation powder at an exchange of 2 fungus to 1 measure of powder.

She wasn't fibbin'. She really did process 200 fungus into 100 measures of powder and gave an additional 600 gold for the trouble.

You can repeat this as many times as needed to acquire for yourself a healthy supply of translocation powder to power your new items.

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