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So you're not from Great Lakes...

TUR resides mainly on the Great Lakes shard. However, players from all shards are welcome to apply to TUR. To do so, simply send in an application as normal.

You will of course need a Great Lakes character to participate. Skills are not so much as important as the person. Your mind is the most valuable asset you bring to us. However, more skills and money means more fun. Below are some sites that can help you get a quick start on this:

Tradespot X-Shard Tradeboard - Meet other traders and arrange transfers of gold and property between shards.

UO Gold - X-Shard brokering available.

Markee Dragon Brokers - Gold and items for sale, and brokering on most shards.

UO Emporium - X-Shard brokering. - Buy gold and items for most shards.

UO Treasures - X-Shard gold, items, and brokering available.

UO Powergamers - See how to raise your skills quickly.

UO Stratics - Information on many UO-related statistics and strategies.