Purpose of the Village

You might wander about the village and wonder what it is exactly that inspired us to create it. This is a summary of our inspiration.

Imagine if you will, a city like most others in the land. Only this one, having many differences compared to most:

*Where the vendors of the various shops actually speak with you on a person to person basis, assisting you with your needs.

*We practice a system of justice that shows more discernment of the crime vs. penalty with less prejudice than British's cruel one-penalty-fits-all standard.

*The village provides a much needed refuge from the harsh woods to the North of it and the villains of the surrounding areas.

*For the individual, the clan gives a sense of belonging -- a village that is home. Even when your travels take you elsewhere in the world, there is always a sense of homecoming upon your return.

*It is a fun environment that is constantly changing and bringing new things to make it better and improve.

*It is a place of gathering for all types to trade, share ideas and stories, and meet for special events.

*The village's location accomodates a variety of activities such as coastal walks, shopping, boat tours, hunting, and training, and the natural resources are abundant for young and master craftsmen alike.

*Whether in times of peace or days of discord, the Clan has a rich history and is strengthed by a continuity of strong leadership and the development of gifts of knowledge, wisdom, healing, and faith.

We consider the village independent from Lord British's rule. Hidden from his scouts, deep in the forests of Yew, TUR Village is a self-sustaining community, made up of the many people about it and those who support it.

In the days to come, we hope to be available and accessible to anyone who wishes to seek out the village and take part of the many interesting things that happen there.

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