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Solen Queen Quest Information
Current as of 9-26-2002

When you find an ambitious Solen queen, it would be good to talk to her. If you do, she'll consider you for a job; A "quest" to carry out for her. In return, she'll reward you.

Quest Offer from the ambitious queen:
The Solen queen considers you eagerly for a moment, then says,

Yes. Yes, I think you could be of use. Normally, of course, I would handle these things on my own, but these are busy times. Much to do, much to do. And besides, if I am to one day become the Matriarch, then it will be good to have experience trusting others to carry our various tasks for me. Yes.

You'll start off by using the "Talk" feature by single-clicking on the ambitious Solen queen. She'll consider you for a job and you have a choice of hearing more. If you want to hear more, choose "I accept!".

Conversation Event with the ambitious queen:
The Solen queen smiles as you decide to help her.

Excellent. We'll worry about the zoogi fungus later - start by eliminating 5 queens from my colony.

That part's important, by the way; they must be queens from my colony. Killing queens from the other solen colony does little to help me become Matriarch of this colony and will not count toward your task.

Oh, and none of those nasty infiltrator queens either. They perform a necessary duty, I suppose, spying on the other colony. I fail to see why that couldn't be left totally to the warriors, though. Nevertheless, they do not count as well.

Very well. Carry on. I'll be waiting for your return.

She tells you that you must kill 5 Solen queens to help eliminate her competition. These queens must be from her colony(If she's a red queen, this means kill red queens. If she's a black queen, this means kill black queens.) She also points out that infiltrator queens do not count towards this. At this time, it doesn't seem infiltrator queens have made an appearance yet.

The hole you used to find the ambitious queen will not have rival(killable) queens in it. You must seek another ant hole which leads to a part of the hive that contains rival queens. They will be called "a black/red solen queen." You can view your progress by single-clicking yourself and choosing the quest progress menu from the selection. You can also cancel the quest if desired. Once you kill 5 rival queens from the ambitious queen's colony, return to the queen who assigned you the quest.

Conversation Event with the ambitious queen:
The Solen queen looks pleased to see you.

Splended! You've done quite well in reducing my competition to become the next Matriarch. Now I must ask that you gather some zoogi fungus for me. I must practice processing it into powder of translocation.

I believe the amount we agreed upon earlier was 50. Please return when you have that amount and then give them to me.

Farewell for now.

The queen is very pleased that you have completed her task and asks you to bring her 50 zoogi fungus so that she can practice making translocation powder out of it and give it to you as a reward.

Conversation Event with the ambitious queen:
The Solen queen smiles as she takes the zoogi fungus from you.

Wonderful! I greatly appriciate your help with these tasks. My plans are begining to take shape ensuring that I will be the next Matriarch. But there is still much to be done until then.

You've done what I've asked of you and for that I thank you. Please accept this bag of sending and some powder of translocation as a reward. Oh, and I suppose I should give you some gold as well. Yes, yes. Of course.

She's once again very happy about how she's progressing in her ascent to power and rewards you.

On this particular quest, 12 powder of translocation, 662 gold, and a bag of sending with 8 charges were given.

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