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TUR Establishments

Welcome and we're glad you've decided to make your facility one of the many wonderful TUR establishments throughout the land. Please follow the directions on this page to see how your house can qualify for becoming an official TUR establishment.

Requirements For Becomming a TUR Establishment

Before you get to the directions, make sure your establishment will qualify as the items below stipulate.

*The owner of the house must be a memember of TUR.
*The house must be made public.
*The house must have the TUR Establishment house sign.
*The title lines on the house sign must be correct.

If you're not sure what some of the above listed requirements referrence, don't worry. They'll be explained in the below sections.

Making Your Establishment Public

1. Declaring your house public

Start off by double clicking your house sign. Keep in mind, you must be using the character that owns the house. A co-owner or default co-owner will not work for what we're going to do. This will bring up a house menu. Choose Options and then "Declare this house to be public". It's important that you pay attention to what you're clicking on in this area of the house sign as the other options in this area deal with demolishing or transferring the house.

2. Putting up the TUR Sign

After declaring your house to be public, go back to options and choose to change the sign type. You should see a list of house signs. Click on the guild signs. You'll now see a new list of signs that are guild oriented. Select the one that is checked in the picture and press "Okay".

3. The result

Now, your sign outside should look like the one shown in the picture. When you click on the sign, it should say "the Assassin's Guild". This is normal. It automatically names the house after the NPC guild associated with that sign type. You'll be changing the name soon anyway.

House Sign Examples

In order for your house to qualify as a TUR establishment, you must have the appropriate house sign. Below are examples of what each sign needs to read depending on what type of establishment your house is to be.

Line 1. Name - The title of your establishment and actual name of the house.

Line 2. Type - Which township your establishment belongs to or stand-alone(TUR Village, TUR Colonial Hamlet, TUR Outpost).

Line 3. Open - Anything else you want to say. An addy for the TUR site is sometimes a good idea. You are not required to put anything on this line.

TUR Village: TUR Village is located in Felucca, straight Northeast of the Yew moongate.
TUR Colonial Hamlet: TUR Colonial Hamlet is located in Trammel, straight Northeast of the Yew moongate.
TUR Outposts: TUR Outposts are any other TUR establishments that are not part of either TUR Village or TUR Colonial Hamlet.


To get the spacing right on the sign names so that each word appears on the right line, follow the below examples. Notice that you have to put a certain number of spaces between words, depending on how long they are to get them to appear on the right line. The first is an incorrect example, and the second is a correct example.

Incorrectly typed:

The result:

Correctly typed:

The result:

Setting up

Now that you've got the sign set up, you need to come up with a theme for your house. Think of what will make your place different and worthy as an independent destination.

Here comes the fun part -- decorating your soon-to-be establishment to it's theme. There's not much that can be said for ideas as originality is the key goal, but you might wish to see some examples of TUR establishments on the TUR Village Page. People come to expect top-knotch stuff from clan TUR. Don't let them down and make that establishment grand and unique!

Once your establishment is all set up, you need to contact Outy of the TURs and send in a description of your establishment. Anything you want it to say(Not longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs). Providing a rune sometime will also be helpful. Your establishment will be visited and pictures taken, so make sure your establishment is ready to go before this point.

Once all of that is done, your new TUR Establishment will be posted on the TUR Village Page in a timely fashion.


The manner in which these directions are listed may seem lengthy and complicated. However this process is fairly simple and only requires a few minutes. It is only listed in detail so that people may refer back to any areas they are still confused about.

Thanks for taking the time, and we look forward to adding your establishment to the roster.

Ummm...It's probably best that you view this thingy using 800x600 pixels n' stuff...If anything here looks a little funny to you, you probably didn't listen to a word I just said.