TUR-Shirt Order Page

First Edition TUR-Shirts are here and available for order!

What are they made of?

The First Edition TUR T-Shirts are printed on pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, 5.5 Oz Hanes Heavyweight black T-shirts. They consist of the "The UnRuled" logo on the upper-left(wearer's left) chest and our emblem and web address on the center-back.

What do they look like?

Here are the actual-size jpg versions of the graphics that the designs were printed from:

Front, wearer's upper-left chest:

Back, center:

One important thing to note about these graphics is a computer monitor cannot display with light, the colors as they'd appear in ink form. The images on this page are much brighter than the translation of a printer's ink. On your shirt, you'll find the colors are much truer and deeper, and not as neon-looking as the colors here appear to be.

This is roughly where these graphics appear on your shirt:

How much do they cost?


S, M, L, and XL: $16.00
XXL: $17.75
XXXL: $18.00

Shipping & Handling - US Priority:

1: $5.00
2: $5.75
3: $6.50
4: $7.25
5: $8.00 - (Max order: 5 shirts)

How do I order one?

You can buy now via credit card or Pay Pal using the options below, or you can scroll down further for other payment options:
Size Price
S, M, L, XL(Select before clicking "Buy Now" $16.00
XXL $17.75
XXXL $18.00 Out of Stock

To pay by check, money order, or manually by Pay Pal, you'll need to send in an e-mail to outyrexregis@theunruled.com which has the following information:

To: outyrexregis@theunruled.com
Subject: TUR-Shirt Order
My character's name:
The e-mail address I want you to contact me by:
My full real name:
My mailing address(Make sure it is a deliverable address):
I would like my shirts in these sizes and quantities: *Example - XL: 1*
My method of payment: Check, Money Order, or PayPal
My phone number(In case of order problems - Optional):
Any additional comments:

Your order request will then be replied to via e-mail soon with a confirmation of the sizes and quantities requested, your total cost, as well as information on how to make out your check or money order, and where to send it.

PayPal orders will receive a standard e-mail invoice as well which is more a receipt. It will be followed by a PayPal invoice which will prompt you to pay using your PayPal account.

As soon as your check has cleared, or your PayPal invoice is payed, your TUR-Shirt will be packed and shipped at the earliest opportunity. The standard method for shipping is US Priority which usually delivers in 2-3 days to most domestic locations. If you do not live in the continental United States, please state your country(or non-continental state) in your e-mail and we can figure out another method of shipping for you(If needed) via e-mail.

If 3 or more shirts are ordered, they may be sent as seperate parcels.

In Summary:

If you have any questions about ordering a TUR-Shirt, feel more than free to send your questions to Outy at outyrexregis@theunruled.com or ICQ to 4166585. Alternate forms of payment are possible upon request-You'll just have to ask.

The shirts themselves are great. I was very pleased to see that they came out so well. They're a spiffy way to show your membership in clan TUR, especially for events such as gamming fairs and luncheons. We hope you enjoy them, and we look forward to bringing you more neat TUR stuff in the future.

A very big thanks to Kayla for slaving many endless hours to make these shirts extra spiffy!