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TUR Village Vendor Guidelines - By Skye MacLeod

At TUR Village, we believe that customers value reliable and diverse stock, fair pricing, courteous service, and interesting venues. By its very layout in the Yew Wilderness, the Village promotes a sense of adventure and community, rather than the convenient "quick-mart" or strip shopping mall experience. If you are interested in developing a merchant personality that can contribute to the "fire blazing, apple cider in the air, wilderness frontier" atmosphere, check with Outy or Skye to discuss the availability of vendor locations throughout the Village.

Discuss your ideas for a vendor with the owner of the Village facility. Never place a vendor without permission.

Before buying a contract for employment from a Tavern or Innkeeper, assess your ability to commit to running a vendor effectively. Vendor management is time-consuming, demands significant investment on your part, and requires consistent stocking and servicing.

If you are a first-time vendor manager, acquaint yourself thoroughly with the excellent Vendor FAQ provided by Stratics.

When operating your vendor, aim for a well-organized, easy-to-shop vendor pack:

  • Label all not-for-sale packs so that a shopper will know what's inside.
  • Consider placing a sample outside the sale container for an immediate visual clue.
  • Color-coding your bags makes it easier for you and the returning customer! (ie. Chairs are in the red pack, tables are in the blue pack, verite armor is in the green pack.)
  • Summon your creative spirit in arranging your vendor display and avoid the "I couldn't find the trash barrel, so I threw this on my vendor" look.

TUR Village vendor managers are expected to maintain their stock on a consistent basis. Our reputation as a merchant community depends on this. If we notice a vendor is not being serviced regularly, we reserve the right to a) unfriend the vendor manager so that you may remove your vendor when you next speak to them; or b) request divine intervention and have them removed from the facility.

If you are planning to be away from "our world" for an extended period of time, leave a book on your vendor to inform your customers of your expected return date. (If a customer clicks on an empty vendor several times, chances are they won't bother knocking on his or her pack again!)

Vendor managers are naturally friended to the facilities in which they place a vendor. Should you have access to a secure container within that facility, remember the golden rule: "If you didn't put it in there, don't take it outta there." Further, owners of facilities must monitor item count and generally cannot provide you with secure storage at this time.

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