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The Dragon Roost Tavern as of 9-3-2003, slightly modified for central village defense

Storyteller's Circle in the main room and exhibit room in back - Main floor(Previous tower structure)

A fine serving area, usually maintained by Amairgin the Innkeeper - Second floor(Previous tower structure)

The dragon's lair - Third floor(Previous tower structure)

The virtue mud wrestling pit, left as is, slightly modified from the Dragon Knight tournament for the Village of The UnRuled - Roof(Previous tower structure)

Out front of the Dragon Roost Tavern durring the Carnival of The UnRuled - 09-03-2000

If I remember correctly this is Elder Dreams testing our carpet in the storyteller's circle

Dreams tossing mud at Zianna in the mud wrestling pit on the roof of the Dragon Roost Tavern

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