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TUR Ranking

A few quick things on clan structure

So you want to be a somebody...

Well, we don't have step by step ranks in TUR. We've got a chieftain and the clan.

The Chieftain basicly makes all the major decisions in the clan n' keeps it together. So...That'd be me :) All hail Chieftain Outy!
The Clan is everyone else.

There are no major differences between all of us as we are all part of the same clan and don't use a rank ladder although seniority usualy overrules newer people when The Chieftain isn't around to make the call. If you're present a lot and with us through and through, you'll find ranks are just words. Over time your voice will be heard and your membership valued.

One banner, one power, indivisible.

So don't worry too much about ranks and status as it's not the main focus of the clan.

Ummm...It's probably best that you view this thingy using 800x600 pixels n' stuff...If anything here looks a little funny to you, you probably didn't listen to a word I just said.

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