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Chateau Paradox

Chateau Paradox has a range of facilities for your use. In the early stages of rebuilding, we're focusing on The Core Business Unit("Code.") We presently offer many skill building stations associated with the code machine, including logic, mechanical, and body. 2 public code machines reside on the second floor, along with 1 private machine for professional coders.

Tomb Hunters of the Lost Llama station is also available("The Maze Machine.") Many mirrors can be found throughout the house to work on your charisma. If you want to make a little extra cash, try our workroom which contains several logic and mechanical money-making stations.

In addition, we have many more things for you to enjoy during your stay such as a pool, costumes of all sorts, a grand television and pool table, chess table, and a Go-Go dancing cage. And as always, the food is free, but if it's an emergency, we have plenty of pay-for food vendors to hold you over until the next meal.

Chateau Paradox Photo Tour

Below is Chateau Paradox as of 12-10-2002. Click on any area of the house to zoom in and see details.

The Den Workshop Downstairs Bathroom Kitchen Dining Room Office Pizza Machine Pool Workout Area Maze Machine Whacket Ball Area Pond

Code Room Private Business Room Upstairs Bathroom Small Bedroom Big Bedroom Hot Tub

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