Island Open House

The event:

On Saturday, January 11th, there will be an open house for the large Southern island of Blazing Falls. This open house will be a promotion of both the release of The Sims Online and the sponsoring establishments residing on our island. Each participating establishment will be hosting some sort of social activity on that particular evening. Your establishment will be promoted on this website as part of the event, including a picture of your property's roomates at your property, a description of the establishment, and a description of the social activity you will be hosting on January 11th, 2003.

This event will also be giving residents of our island the opportunity as founders to give it a name. All sponsor establishments will be asked to give a suggested name for the island and it will then be polled along with others on this site to determine the final name. Getting this information in first is very important so that there is plenty of time to gather all name suggestions and have them voted for.

Things needed to participate:

  • A suggested name for the island.
  • A description of your establishment.
  • A description of the social activity you'll be hosting on open house night.

These are to be e-mailed to Once you have done this, make contact with either Esmee Fairlight or Outy Rex Regis so that your establishment may be photographed for this promotion. For the suggested island name and descriptions, either get together with the rest of your roomates to produce these or decide who will do these. For the picture, if it is not possible to get all of your roomates online, try to get as many of the main hosts as possible for the picture. The social event you host can be anything you wish from possibly a kissing booth to a pool party--Be creative.

This is a great opportunity to promote your establishment and help give our grand island a name. The deadline for all of your information is January 4, 2003. Make sure you act quickly so that you are not left out!

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