Report A Bad Roomate

TUR has long been wary of grief players and tactics. Here is a way you can warn others about problem players. Let's say you wake up one morning and it seems that new roomate has torn down all of the walls and thrown your things outside! Well, this is the place to let people know just what kind of roomate this sim is--A Bad Roomate!

Rules for Reporting:

  • You must list your actual character name and agree to have it listed with the report. If you're going to speak so strongly about another player's character, you should be willing to give your name to the report.
  • The player being reported must be a true grief player. If you get into a fight with one of your roomates and they wreck the place, this is a domestic problem, not a malicious act of a grief player.
  • Be honest about your report. This is not a place to defame people you do not like. Be truthful in how you describe the situation.
  • Make sure you type the offending player's name correctly. If possible, we will locate the paperdoll of the player and post a picture of the player along with the report.

Once you submit your report, it will be reviewed and added to the Bad Roomates resource as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation in pointing out the bad guys.

Your character's name:
The name of the offending player(Make sure to type this exactly as it is):
Your e-mail address(This will not be posted):

Describe the incident in detail. You are not limited on words:

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