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Character name: Amairgin

E-mail address: N/A


Other characters: Ebber Finn and Mog Roith

Profile added: 05-10-2000

Profile last updated/changed: 05-10-2000

A true romantic (or so I'm told), born in the mines of minoc I learned to mine at an early age, the only profitable skill I still have. I eventually learned the art of the sword and devoted a great deal of time to slaying the monsters of northern Britannia then one day (out of the blue) a man approached and offered an opportunity to live out my golden years in a setting quite fitting an Irishman like myself.....behind the bar of the dragons roost tavern. Nowadays I enjoy servin drinks to the locals and chasin the ladies. As always, at yer service Amairgin,tur innkeeper!

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