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TUR clan meetings in 99

Meeting - 6-18-99
Meeting - 7-8-99
Meeting - 11-11-99
We had many meetings in the Yew crypts treasure room when we had weekly meetings - These are a few shots. It used to be our favorite meeting place of choice as we were hardly ever interrupted. In a couple of the pictures, you can see the Lords seated at a seperate table. At the 11-11-99 meeting, we gave out magic weapons, cleaned out from the Chieftain Hut to the clan. You can see the chests at the bottom in the picture. This room spawns treasure(before they spawned locked), so it was a neat place to meet with treasure popping up randomly throughout the meeting.

TUR clan meetings in 2000

Meeting - 2-4-00
Meeting - 7-8-00
We don't have many clan meetings anymore as we now have better means of briefing members and hold frequent gatherings for other reasons, but here are a couple official meeting pics for 2000. The first one is on the roof of the North Sentry and the second taken in the main hall of Terra Blanca Fortress.

Group Pictures - 3-30-00

Group Pictures 1 - 3-30-00
Group Pictures 2 - 3-30-00
Group Pictures 3 - 3-30-00
These were taken just East of the North Sentry. The pics have us in various poses.

Group Pictures - 7-8-00

Group Pictures 1 - 7-8-00
Group Pictures 2 - 7-8-00
Another occasion at Terra Blanca Fortress with a couple of poses.

The boys at work

The boys
Here's a picture of the OOTs training in old TUR Village.

On top of the tower

The boys
Here's a few of us on top of the then new North Sentry near Christmas time 1999. You can see our purty Christmas tree to the right.

Outy, Fantasia, Thalon, Prophet Belial

Outy, Fan, Thal, and Jay
Hehe, this one just warms me old heart :)

The new stupid, weak GM

Stupid, weak GM
The story of this picture is thus: Whenever you give yourself(The guildmaster) a title, it so calls your position that title. And when your position is passed to another, they take that title. Well, Weak Outy Roahn used to be the GM of OOT when I didn't have another character I wanted on OOT. So, he was called "The Stupid Weak GM." After a while, I got tired of switching over to him to stone people and wanted to make Outy Rex Regis the GM of OOT. What followed can be seen in the picture. Truely priceless :)

Memorable house placements

Dragon Roost Tavern
Terra Blanca Fortress
Here are our pics of establishment plops. The first picture was taken on the roof of the Dragon Roost Tavern after we raced to the top of the new tower. The second is Wizard Tyrantt(Played by Outy) inside the doors of the newly placed Terra Blanca Fortress. Just a few screens East, Chryse(played by Skye) was also doing some hollaring of her own, after having placed the Queensgate Chateau the same instant the fortress went down. We'll add the Chateau placement pic soon if we can find it.

Puttin' the smack down!

Jay visits EXT
Welcoming commitee
The first is our beloved Prophet Belial back in the day, paying a visit to our old neigbors up North on the penninsula above TUR Village who made a stone to war us called the ExTURminators(Get it?). Okay, this second one is a funny story. OOT was for a time at war some some no-names called CWR. I was in Vesper, smackin' 'em around as Rex. The ones that lived, fled home and got a warm, warm greeting from Prophet :)

Clan TUR's Dark Side of the Moon

Fannies and more fannies
In this picture, the GOF had this march to celebrate their #1 ranking for vet members of Great Lakes. And of course, on their march, passed by Terra Blanca Fortress to show us. Well, we had a clan TUR welcome for 'em when they came by, hehe

Fighter Practice - 10-21-2000

Purple vs. Yellow
Every now and then the boys and girls of TUR need to train. Here's a picture of a scrimmage. Everyone was devided up into 2 teams. Each with a captain. This one happened to be yellow jester suits against purple tunics.

Barrel Removal

Barrel Removal 1
Barrel Removal 2
A local neigbor had created a rather large border of water barrels. Unfortunately, their barrel-fence cut off one of the TUR Village houses. When the neigbors refused to cooperate, we came, armed with pitchers to clean out some barrels! It was quite chaos for a while with outside parties happening by and us being so close to the Shadowlords headquarters.

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