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The wedding of Outy and Skye

Linning up for wedding
The wedding
Zianna faints
Pics from Outy and Skye's wedding. Elder Zianna conducted the ceremony and helped a lot setting up. The Maidens are The Naiad Briena, Zmala, Sabrina, Mystique, Jenny, Amber, and Flitter. The staff barers are Bon Scott, Nester McRae, Edgar, Duran, Tyrael, Helper, and Amairgin.

The wedding of Pluto and Layla

Start of the wedding
Another pic of the wedding
Pluto and Layla were wed in a very lovely place called the star chamber. Sadly, there are no sparkly stars in these pics, just the chamber in the center of all the stars where the wedding took place.

Dragon Knight Ceremony

Dragon Knight Ceremony From the Gold Tomes quest, here we see the Gold One, calling for those who shall be knighted as a Dragon Knight on the roof of the OGD tower in Dragon's Bay. All Knights were given a golden sash which read "Dragon Knight."

A CMG Smithy aniversary celebration

Fireworks There were events at the CMG Smithy all day, the picture here shows their fireworks display at the end.

Carnival of The UnRuled

Out front Lots of boothes and games were set-up inside the Dragon Roost Tavern. This picture is of the festivities out front.

Funeral for Atross

The Funeral Atross was TUR Village's beloved phoenix from "The Way" quest. He died fighting Akron the red liche by the Yew crypts. We held a funeral ceremony in his memory afterwards. This was taken on the East-side of TUR Village's North Sentry.

Gold One Visits

The Gold One This is the Gold One visiting The North Sentry after TUR Village's Dragon Knight tournament.

Insult Contest at The Sandlewood Box

Insult Contest This was a funny contest. A good way to "legally" let out some of that built-up agression.

Meeting on defiled shrines

The Shrine Meeting This was Tristam's meeting on the shrines throughout the world being defiled. It was held on top of the Dragon Roost Tavern.

TUR / OGD Alliance

The Signing We all gathered on top of the North Sentry in TUR Village for the signing. It was a grand event indeed. Also, if you look real hard, you can see Shalis Lalias behind the brown horse on the right.

Ronin and Lissandra Dark's Wedding

The Wedding
The Reception
This was a pretty ceremony which took place in Terra Blanca Fortress. After the wedding, they had their reception in the Queensgate Chateau which was decorated for the evening by Kendra and Skye MacLeod. The wedding took place on Halloween as you'll notice by the tone of the reception area.

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