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Character name: Fightin Tigeress

E-mail address: angelanaquin@bellsouth.net

ICQ: 308036694

Other characters: Lady In Red, Marie Lavoe

Profile added: 05-04-2004

Profile last updated/changed: 05-04-2004

Tiger's name originated from a passion for LSU Football! Geaux Tigers!! Her character enjoys all adventures and hunting! She especially likes to socialize! She is always around...normally from 5-12 cst Mon-Fri and ALL WEEKEND! This schedule subject to change if she has to travel in rl for work :-) If you eva need some help lemme know! Her skills include meditation, magery, anatomy, eval intel, (gave up hiding for peacing), Peacing, Provocation, and Music. If you ever need use of these types of skills, especially if you're a TUR, let me know :-)

When not on UO, which is rare, I enjoy the bar scene!! ha ha not many people do...I love it..see all my friends and socialize in tha same place :-) I shoot pool, play fantasy football for money (and win!), play cards for money (and lose!) he he, Karaoke (it's really fun you should try it), fishing, hunting, crawfishing (seasonal) (Country girl, what can I say), and LAUGHING!! It's what makes the world go round - - among a few other things :-) I'm optomistic and almost always in a good mood! - - Unless murdered in fel he he I try to never be serious unless I'm at work but can be- - that's on an as-needed basis :-)

If you're thinking about Joining TUR, don't think about it anymore, and join :-) Diversity is what it's all about! "Variety is the Spice of Life"

I will miss you all during football season!

- - Fightin' Tigeress

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