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Character name: Pluto

E-mail address: Davenporr001@hawaii.rr.com

ICQ: 74264410

Other characters: Venus, Uranus, Viscous, Ruadh

Profile added: 09-23-2000

Profile last updated/changed: 09-23-2000

The Story Of Pluto.
An End Will Always Have A New Beginning
Love Or Hate

Poets speak of how Love sings, but nay do they know of the pain it brings.
If two lovers combined would they sing in chorus? Or would their strings of music snap and fade away into silent dust.
I want to Love again but the pain in me angers loud. Visions of happiness turned into deep black clouds.
Memories destroyed from wence it came, Losing its own life, my mind is its terroring name.
My body slowly rottening from the nights gone unslept, eyes turning transparent from the hours I continuosly wept.
Leaving my eyes like two way mirrors for you to see, All this Love turned Hate inside of me.
With my twisted mind I picture destroying you, casting you with my dying touch with finger tips plagued with the flu.
Weddings I'll burn and brides and grooms I'll slay, Inheriting their soul and saving their eternity because saying "I Do" your heart you'll betray.
My blazing red eyes will burn a hole in your heart that you protect, my evil thoughts will squash it as if it were a crawling insect.
Hate then Love, Just as to live and die, your fate now in my hands, I bet you wish you never made me cry.
So am I evil? Is that what you think? Do you smell brinestone in your nose, is it blood I thirst to drink?
Do you see the devil in me? Is Satan my name? No, the first syllabol in my title makes Satan feel pain.
I tried love, but I'll never know my true fate, So if you see me and I smile at you, better ask yourself do I smile with Love, or with Hate!


Hate or Love Part II

From the depth of darkness my smile came forth, teeth stained with evil, tongue as a serpent Lord. Bloodshot redeyes from tormentful years, drips of blood down cheeks of firey fears.
I stood up from my seat, a chair of bones, I stood up from my eternity, a prisoned throne. Drops of joy fell on my brow, and free'd me from pain, spirits ran through me recalling my soul with this heavenly rain.
Water from the River Styxx drained from my veins and lungs, bad memories striped from my mind refilled with happy ones.
Returned to me, my heart shattered so long ago, returned to me my hope, my undying soul.
A being of light pulled me from the spewing firey pits, reopened my blind eyes by pressing hers with my lips.
Never have I thought one would kiss a Demon Lord, A weapon of Love, mightier than any of God's swords.
My body erected for the world to see, all this hate turned to Love inside of me.
I'll touch you in the heart with loving care, I'll spend my life with you for life is what you've shared.
I'll spread joy through the world with you at my side, we'll turn evil to good, death to alive.
Hate then Love, just as to die then live, my hate turned Love, all to you I now give.
Can you see the joy you've returned to me, my eternal life? We'll walk the boundries of heaven together as I the husband and you my wife.
I tried Love then I lived Hate, but now together we'll know, I'll always smile with Love, for Love is our true fate.



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