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Akron's first night of evil

Akron starts rituals
We were unsuccessful in stopping Akron from completing the first three rituals. As you can see, it was no picnic. Reapers and cropers everywhere, not to mention Hoyt's pups which were attacking people at random. Akron is not highlighted, by the way. That's his natural(Well, unatural) color. This took place on the penninsula one over West from the one above TUR Village.

Akron's second night of evil

Atross slain
The battle
Akron goes down
These are a few shots of Akron's second night of rituals to open "The Way". We managed to stop him this night before he could complete all 9 rituals(3 a night.) You can see the brave phoenix Atross slain on the pentagram after a duel to the death with Akron the red liche. The second picture, has the warriors chassing down Akron. And lastly, Akron's defeat. This took place outside of the Yew catacombs.

Aftermath of Akron

This is after one of Akron's many attacks of undead in TUR Village. This picture is on the East-side of the North Sentry.

Harpy attacks

Feathery mess
2nd Fragment recovered
Harpy attacks 1
Harpy attacks 2
These were taken in and around the TUR Village main clearing. The first one has us mopping up a few lingering birdies in front of the Sentry. In the second picture, can be seen the dark harpy which carried the fragment of Compassion and lead the harpy army. The other two are a couple more shots of the harpy attacks.

Teleburiel and Friends

Monster Attack on TUR Village 1
Monster Attack on TUR Village 2
Monster Attack on TUR Village 3
Monster Attack on TUR Village 4
Monster Attack on TUR Village 5
Monster Attack on TUR Village 6
Teleburiel in the Sentry
Senzez the Imp at the Monestary
Reapers Overgrow the Sentry Door
The Final Blow on Kuraazg
Fighting Kuraazg's Army 1
Fighting Kuraazg's Army 2
We have a good clump of pictures here from quests and events associated with Teleburiel. Some may know him for his stories. Other may know him as The Daemon Hunter. But no matter how you may have heard of him, it's no secret that many interesting things happen around him. The screenshots here range from Senzez the Imp to Kuraazg the infamous daemon's last breath. The last two pictures were not cut down so that you could see the grand scheme of just how confusing and hectic these battles can be. If you look real close, Teleburiel can be seen in the upper-right corner of one of the pictures wearing "Midnight's Wrap"(The dark-blue robe.) No matter what the occasion for the picture, you can bet your arse The UnRuled was there!

Keonean Attack Yew

Cemetery on Fire
This picture shows the handy work of a hated tyrant known all throughout Yew as Keonean. He is recognizable by the tatoos all over his body(represented by purple skin). In this display, he's wreaking havoc on the Yew Cemetery by raising the dead, calling upon ettins, setting fires, and even slaying poor souls with his own magical kryss.

Ambush of Brigands

After the telling of a story by Shalis Lalias at the Dragon Roost Tavern, we ventured to the mountains in search of a treasure that was lost and spoken of in her story. It was Rinnip's lost treasure.(Rinnips was a pirate and commander of Rinnip's Raiders). While searching for the treasure, we were ambushed by these guys. But, we eventually did find the treasure. The red chest it was burried in can still be seen in the display room on the first floor of the Dragon Roost Tavern.

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