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Blury Nightmare

Messed up 1
Messed up 2
Messed up 3
Well, hrmm. Let me try to discribe what's happening here. My character is the guy with the war fork and heater shield out in the lawn. Now, the naked guy on the steps is also me. Whenever I try to walk, the naked guy moves around as me. But I can't leave the steps. And whenever I say something, it appears above my character's head who is out in the lawn. And anything that moves leaves a dozen ghosted imaged behind it which stay until something else walks over 'em and replaces them with their graphics. This happened to me twice about a year ago. It has never happened again or to anyone else that I know of, so I'm guessing they fixed whatever fluke caused this. It was sorta' neat though. I was sad to log off.

Strange Ghosts

Sapphire's Ghost
Outy's Ghost
This is a more common thing. It is usually a direct result of lag, and trying to disarm or arm something around the time of your demise while experiencing bad lag. This is not prooven, but seems to be the case. The second picture is similar but different. In this case, the ghost is not actually dead, but looks dead to a certain person. I'm not sure, but I believe this is a flaw in the party system where the party system shows your lifebar as dead to someone even though you have resed. Thus making the graphic for your character show as a ghost to the party member who sees your lifebar as still dead.

An invoulentary day at sea

Out in the water
In the water again
This seems to happen somewhat frequently. Or at least similar things do. We walked through a gate that was opened from inside of a house. This is what we saw on the other side. We were only there for a few moments, and then booted outside of the house the gate was opened from. OSI was obviously aware of this problem and placed a dock with a gate with which to return home, but not everyone sees the dock and gate all of the time.


Duplicate Characters
Almost everyone has seen this from time to time. They somehow manage to log on a character while another character on the same account is logged on as well. There used to be a way to make this happen on purpose which has been fixed. One thing I especially like about this picture is it shows the cluttered Chieftain Hut before the Clean-Up Britannia Phase III patch hit which brought house item decay. The North Sentry in TUR Village now stands where the pictured Chieftain Hut was.

In Cove?

"Where's Cove?"
This picture may not seem too strange at first glance, but actually takes place in Cove during an attack by Kaltar and her army of gazers. It's not certain what caused this as there was no gate walked through or recall used. For about 30 seconds, Cove blinked to this scene and then returned to normal. All of the goings-on could still be sseen in the lower-left portion of the screen.

Junk and more junk

Taken sometime in 2000, this picture is of The North Sentry in TUR Village, minus the tower. Several players have reported this sight with their own houses. It is/was sometimes seen when first logging into the game and the house would later return after walking around a bit.

Strange beings on Test great lakes

Pink Tentacle
This was taken in Britain/Felucca on Test Great Lakes. No one was able to move appearantly, as can be seen by the pile-up of new characters stuck in their creation spot, standing on top of eachother. On the left-hand side of the picture can be seen a strange pink swamp tentacle which was walking about freely during all of this.

Odd happenings at the Mephitis champion spawn

Odd Display
This was sent by The Wolfman who receieved this display as his client crashed.

Jumping out of the picture

Walk off the page
Sometimes, as you're logging in if you move, your character can walk straight through the wall of your house, onto the lawn, and straight off the page! You'll eventually just be in a sea of black where you're stuck in your running pose. Although, you're actually still where you logged in physically. It just looks like this to you.

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