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Mar 27, 2003
Posted by: Sabrina

Ahhhhhhh! Finally! hehe
Got this off of UO :)
Continued >>

Uo Message Boards?

Mar 18, 2003
Posted by: Sabrina

If feel saddened and happy at the same time. UO has announced it is no longer to have a message board! It will be given to Stratics! Stratics is a Very Spiffy web site filled with goodies about the world on UO.
Good Luck Stratics team!
Continued >>

AoS Gifts

Mar 14, 2003
Posted by: Sabrina

As taken off of I personally think it is a wee bit exciting :)
Continued >>

Last 30 - Article Archive

General News

*11-22-04 - Tokuno Champion Spawn:

Last week, members of TUR and SS met up just outside of a Tokuno champion spawn to call forth Serado.

After many a-bad monster appeared and fell, as well as plenty of members of our hunting party, Serado came!

He put up quite a fight proving the spawn as a package to be most challenging.

In the end, TUR and it's SS allies reigned supreme and returned home with much loot as well as new stories to tell of the Tokuno Islands. As a result of this experience, we will be much more savy to these strange new lands upon our next return!

*11-03-04 - Cristopher Le Fay and Crickett:

You may have participated in a lot of treasure map seeking lately and these two are to blame thank! Cristopher tirelessly collects the maps and Crickett organizes the expeditions which convene at TUR Colonial Hamlet Tavern and Museum. This duo has brought the clan much excitement with their loot-seeking antics and we look forward to much more plunder and adventure in the future.

Thank you endlessly, Cristopher and Crickett for a job well done.

*10-11-04 - TUR Ventrilo Server:

If you're not familiar with the term, "Ventrilo" is one of several Voice-Over-IP communication options which enables users to speak in real time with other users all over the world.

TUR's Ventrilo 2.2 server is now in it's second month of operation and will be a permanent fixture of Clan TUR from now on. It's proved itself useful in many areas of clan activity and has brought clan members much closer together.

It is a private server, exclusive to members of TUR, so you'll need to contact Outy or Skye for the access information and how to get started with Ventrilo in general. So waste no time getting plugged in, and enjoy!

*10-11-04 -

Halloween is back again and here is your annual link to Ed Bain's Halloween msterpiece:

*10-11-04 - TUR Streaking Run:

Earlier this week, TUR took it's underwear on the road, and sharred the love with others as an elite group of TUR streakers set out into the world for a night of professional fanny-flashing:

*6-2-04 - Wolfman's Capture the Flag:

On this day, last week, Wolfman hosted a capture the flag event at Terra Blanca Fortress and the Queensgate Chateau. We were able to persue many rounds of bloodshed, mayhem, and bag ball moving. Below are some pictures of the evening's event:

*4-11-04 - TUR/TDR/H|C Alliance:

This evening, the people of TUR, TDR, and H|C gathered at Terra Blanca Fortress to acknowledge a new alliance. This is one which will and already has shifted the balance of power on Great Lakes. There was no formal ceremony-Simply a coming together of clans. A great time was had by all and this is simply the begining of what we have in store for Great Lakes in the future.

*2-24-04 - TUR Reunion:

All this week, we are having a TUR Reunion in TUR Village. This is not a single event with a date and time, but rather a preiod of time in which Outy is actively contacting TURs old, current, and new and requesting that they visit the village.

TURs from every realm and time period are encouraged to come visit us in the village! If you no longer have an active account, there are several promotions for free short-term account reactivation and game time available at And for directions to the village, see the TUR Village Page

We hope to see many TURs this week!

*1-26-04 - TUR Protests NPC Oppression:

We're sick and tired of living under the harsh tyranny of NPCs, and to let the world know, we demonstrated this point to Britain. We ran through the streets, professing our reluctance to tolerate NPC oppression any longer, culminating in our own mass suicide at the bank of Britain in Trammel.

We believe our point was well-received by the people of Britain. While not everyone agreed with this demonstration, many were impressed by our devotion to breaking free of the NPCs that have held us down for so long!

*10-9-03 - TUR seeks archers:

You may have seen a few notices around the TUR site about this. We're presently seeking archers who are interested in applying to TUR. While all applications are always welcome, we'd like to encourage the archers of the land to apply at this time.

Naturally, having archery alone is not enough to grant you membership into TUR, but it will be considered during the joining process. The first step in the process is applying to TUR to make your intentions known and submit information for initial contact, as well as for our records at

Good luck!

*10-9-03 -

It's time once more for Halloween, and so again, we feature the best Halloween sites brought to you by Ed Bain. - The spooky site that has gained our admiration and our goosebumps. - The official Julia Stiles website, designed by Ed Bain, and Halloween Central 2003 Edition at also by Eb Bain.

*4-3-03 - The North Sentry reaches 60,000 visits:

Steadily progressing, the North Sentry has recently surpassed the 60,000 visitor mark. That's right! The heart of TUR Village in the forgotten land of Felucca is still a happenin' establishment which continues to remain active. Once again, we missed the picture of the mark and noting who the lucky person was, but here's a lovely picture of 60,029.

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