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TUR Establishments

TUR Village

TUR Colonial Hamlet

TUR Outposts
The North Sentry
Dragon Roost Tavern
Sentry Watchbox
Lost Boys' Den
Dark Gateway
Reign of Light
Cornerbar n' Grill
Treasure Hunters' Emporium
A Proper Garden
Toadstools n' Batwings
The Summer Kitchen
Willow Brewery
Reading Room
Compassion Studio
The Nursery
Campaign House
Firebase Regis
Cherry Blossom Halls
TUR Haven
Dreams Fulfilled Mansion
Cub Quarters
TUR Combat Cottage
Zmala's Playhouse
The Redfeather
Sweets N' Treats
The TUR Library
TUR Heavy Industries
Gemstone Garden
Zsae Zsae Speck's Shoppe
Terra Blanca Fortress
Queensgate Chateau
House of Luv
Purpose of TUR Village | Village Vendors | Becoming a TUR Establishment | Library

Places of TUR Village

When traveling in the Yew Wilderness, we hope you'll enjoy exploring the interesting places in TUR Village. Be sure and visit:

To see a picture of the place, just click on it's name! It's also important to note which facet an establishment appears on when attempting to locate it.

The North Sentry(Felucca)

- One of the two towers in the main clearing of the village. It is also the main attraction, host to many types of events and houses the clan, and a one-stop trading post for many adventurers in the Yew Wilderness. The tower supports training, tailoring and smithing requirements, and features a bevy of vendors on the first floor.

*First floor: Many add-ons for public use, including an anvil, forge, spinning wheel, loom, practice dummy, and stealing dip. Vendors, and a rune library.
*Second floor: The Congregation of Lords - A meeting place for clan Lords as well as a lounge and entertaining room for members and guests.
*Third floor: Skye and Outy's room - Errrr....Off limits :)
*Fourth floor: A gathering area. Has a serving area, a den, a meeting area, and a dining table.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod

The Dragon Roost Tavern(Felucca)

- This is the other tower in the clearing and is host to many types of events, but is mainly a place for social gathering.

*First and second floors: Central village defense barracks.
*Third and fourth floors: An area dedicated to the building's namesake, made for large gatherings and communal events.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod

The Sentry Watchbox(Felucca)

- A guard post in the north-most part of the village and provides a welcome respite from the wildlife on the dangerous penninsula. The loyal Bon Scott can often be found clearing the perimeter of orcs and other bothersome creatures.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod

Lost Boys' Den(Felucca)

- The stomping grounds of all the little boys and girls of The UnRuled.

Decorated by Skye MacLeod

The Dark Gateway(Felucca)

- A mysterious portal rumored to be understood only by the dark sages within the clan.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs

Reign of Light(Felucca)

- A seeming counterpart to the Dark Gateway; It is a place where the forces of the light often send omens to the faithful and whatever aid they can against those who would seek harm on the followers of the light.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs in dedication to his love, Skye.

Corner Bar n' Grill(Felucca)

- It's where Valazar serves up strong drink and hearty vittles to weary adventurers.

Decorated by Valazar

Treasure Hunters' Emporium(Felucca)

- A great cartography service if you want to go dig up the lost treasure from your map.

Decorated by Valazar

A Proper Garden(Felucca)

- A peaceful collection of the area's natural botanicals. The garden is a favorite meditation place for Megan Rose.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod

Toadstools n' Batwings(Felucca)

- An enchanted apothecary shop providing potion kegs -- both empty and filled.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs

The Summer Kitchen(Felucca)

- Filling all of your baking and cooking needs. An oven, water supply and a flourmill are available for public use.

Decorated by Skye MacLeod

Willow Brewery(Felucca)

- Home of the finest ale in all Britannia!

Decorated by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod

The Reading Room(Felucca)

- A quiet place to read. There's also a fair number of books here.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs and Skye MacLeod

ComPassion Studio(Felucca)

- A wonderful collection of paintings and a place for any artist to come, and be inspired.

Decorated by Skye MacLeod

The Nursery(Felucca)

- The nursery is a darlin' house where the little ones of the clan are brought up.

Decorated by Zmala

Outlanders Campaign Building and Jail(Felucca)

- A military staging compound as well as a place to keep guests who don't always wish to stay.

Decorated by Stunna and Jax

Firebase Regis(Felucca)

- A military structure for Western village defense.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs

Cherry Blossom Halls(Felucca)

- A place of many tranquil areas for discussion and learning.

Decorated by Outy of the TURs

TUR Haven(Felucca)

- TUR Haven is a small, 3-floor stone house West of the Sentry. It provides a place of rest for those who patrol our village and keep it safe.

Decorated by Nadia

The Dreams Fulfilled Mansion(Felucca)

- A large home of The Wolfman.

Decorated by The Wolfman

Cub Quarters(Felucca)

- A resupply and rendezvous structure.

Decorated by Curryiander

TUR Combat Cottage(Felucca)

- A place in which one who is in battle can restock their items quickly, so they can get back in on the battle field.

Decorated by Sabrina and Zenith

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A map of the village

TUR Village is located in Felucca

The places:

A: Corner Bar n' Grill - 96o 30'N, 26o 17'W
B: Dark Gateway - 95o 48'N, 25o 18'W
C: Sentry Watchbox - 97o 1'N, 23o 45'W
D: Reign of Light - 93o 36'N, 24o 32'W
E: The North Sentry - 94o 55'N, 23o 50'W
F: Lost Boys' Den - 95o 21'N, 21o 30'W
G: Nursery - 94o 7'N, 21o 22'W
H: Dragon Roost Tavern - 92o 54'N, 23o 7'W
I: TUR Combat Cottage - 90o 52'N, 25o 10'W
J: T-Hunters' Emporium - 90o 42'N, 23o 41'W
K: ComPassion Studio - 89o 38'N, 23o 7'W
L: Greg and Hink's Gym - 90o 36'N, 22o 13'W
M: A Proper Garden - 87o 27'N, 23o 7'W
N: Firebase Regis - 93o 41'N, 25o 31'W
O: The Reading Room - 85o 52'N, 22o 21'W
P: The Armory - 85o 31'N, 21o 39'W
Q: The Summer Kitchen - 83o 45'N, 23o 37'W
R: Batwings n' Toadstools - 84o 17'N, 23o 3'W
S: House of TUR - 84o 1'N, 22o 21'W
T: Willow Brewery - 81o 54'N, 22o 21'W
U: Campaign House - 88o 46'N, 22o 17'W
V: Memories Lost - 93o 52'N, 26' 22'W
W: TUR Haven - 94o 34'N, 27o 16'W
X: The Dreams Fulfilled Mansion - 92o 1'N, 22o 0'W
Y: Cherry Blossom Halls - 92o 27'N, 21o 22'W
Z: Cub Quarters - 90o 42'N, 22o 42'W
Village map current as of: 01-18-2004
Locations map current as of 01-18-2004

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Purpose of the village

You can read about our purpose in this article: Our inspiration

Village Vendors

We have many types of vendors throughout the village. They include all types of GM armor and weapons, archery supplies, GM tinkered items, cartpentry items, provisions such as food and bandages, GM potions, GM scribing goods, enchanted items and much more.

If you're interested in setting up a vendor somewhere in the village, read this article by Skye MacLeod.

TUR Colonial Hamlet

Places of TUR Colonial Hamlet

Zmala's Playhouse(Trammel)

- A warm place to come ta lay down your weapons take off yer coat an hat kick back and relax. A variety of people can be found here through out the day and evening spinning tales of the days battles or the current quests that are underway. Upstairs ya will find Kendra puttering around the kitchen serve'n drinks and food to all who come. On the roof ya find Zmala throw'n a party laughing and welcoming all to come and join in on the fun!

Decorated by Zmala

The Redfeather(Trammel)

- The Redfeather

Decorated by Ocelot

Sweets N' Treats(Trammel)

- Sweets 'n Treats sells everything your tastes can handle! All sorts of foods, GM leather armor, GM Capenter(add on's and such), Weapons, Potions, and TWO vendors for all your Scroll needs. Possibly more vendors to come.

Decorated by Caleesta

The TUR Library(Trammel)

- TUR Library

Decorated by Amairgin

TUR Heavy Industries(Trammel)

- We here at TUR heavy Industries provide for our customers the best in raw materials. Our furerers and lumberjacks comb the Yew outlands for only the best pelts and lumber in all of Britannia. We also have a wide variety of imports such as ore and ingots. Our smiths and miners are certified from the minoc guilds.

The TUR Heavy Industires staff is ever expanding to better serve you. Soon we hope to add a Grandmaster smith providing the best in martial gear. Rember, we service our clientel through appointment only to provide that personal touch that will keep you comming back.

Decorated by Vaus Isen

Gemstone Garden(Trammel)

- The Gemstone Garden, home to Amber, Amethyst and Crystal, the roof garden is a place for quiet contemplation, star gazing or day dreaming. The lower floor houses the girls who alternately tend the place. The patio is decorated seasonally or set up for intimate conversations.

Decorated by Amber

Zsae Zsae Speck's Shoppe(Trammel)

- A little stone shop just east of the main part of the hamlet selling scrolls, and the occasional magic weapons.

Decorated by Zsae Zsae Speck

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A map of the Hamlet:

TUR Colonial Hamlet is located in Trammel

The places:

A: Sweets -N- Treats
B: TUR Heavy Industries
C: Gemstone Garden
D: TUR Family n' Friends
E: Zmala's Playhouse
F: Zsae Zsae Speck's Shoppe
G: The Redfeather
H: Library of The UnRuled

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TUR Outposts

"Home away from home":

Terra Blanca Fortress(Trammel)

- A grand Trammel outpost. Every imaginable facility available. Located: 62o 12'N, 53o 43'E.

Directions: In Trammel, the fortress is located NorthEast of the city of Britain, West of the Covetous mountain range, and East of the Compassion shrine desert. The easiest way to find it on foot is to start in Britain and head Northeast, along the road, then accross the swamp, and continue Northeast once out of the swamp even though the road goes North. You should find it 2 or 3 screens over from the Southwest corner of the vast clearing. It is easy enough to spot once you're there--A castle with the red and black TUR house sign. Runes can also be found in most establishments in TUR Colonial Hamlet.

Decorated by Skye MacLeod and Outy of the TURs

Queensgate Chateau(Trammel)

- A player community event center. For more information on The Queensgate Chateau and what it is for, go here.

Decorated by many people

House of Luv(Felucca)

- A secluded lovers' getaway. Located: 160o 34' 'S, 35o 38'E.

Directions: The House of Luv is located in Felucca, far South of Trinsic. It is a villa, a short distance Northeast of the shrine of Honor, contained in a sideways L-shapped clearing.

Decorated by Mystique, Demise, and Stunna

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Becoming a TUR establishment

If you're looking to make your house a TUR establishment, please follow this link.

Please visit our library

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