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Mar 14, 2003
Posted by: Sabrina

As Sunsword promised (and after several weeks of brainstorming on the message boards with Vex and the team), we would like to offer an in-game gift as a way of showing our appreciation for all those players who've made this one of the busiest times in UO's history, as well as a way of offering something out of consideration for anyone who’s gone through a revert or other problem caused by the high traffic during the Age of Shadows launch.

The gift will consist of two parts, and will be distributed per character, not per account. This means each character will receive Item #1 and Item #2 (see below). The actual date for these gifts has not yet been decided, but players should expect to see these come to the game in one of our upcoming publishes (basically, once we’re out of immediate bug-fixing mode).

Item #1
For the first item, players can choose one of the following things:
jester suit
plain dress
fancy dress
half apron
full apron
thigh boots
rose (for those who would prefer not to choose a wearable)
Next, the player will be able to choose from a selection of inscriptions to engrave on the item, which will include the character’s name.

Lastly, the player will be able to select a hue for the item from a selection of unusual hues. Choose wisely, because the item cannot be dyed once selected!

This item (Item #1) will be blessed, and will be transferable between characters.

Item #2
In addition to whatever they choose for Item #1, each character will be able to choose from the following:
A scroll good for +5 to any skill of the player’s choice (This will act as an immediate 5 point skill gain in any skill. It will not raise a skill over its current skill cap.)
A scroll good for +5 to their stat cap
These items will be usable only once, and the effects will be permanent. These scrolls will be non-transferable, meaning it will only work for the original character who claimed it.

Remember, each character will get two gifts! Item #1 can be traded, but Item #2 will only work for the claiming character, and will be consumed on use.

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