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Mar 27, 2003
Posted by: Sabrina

The fixes you’ve been testing on our publish test shard since last week are ready for prime time!

We will be publishing several fixes to the Great Lakes shard this evening, to be active after its normal morning maintenance tomorrow. This publish will include the following changes:
Fixed a problem that was causing too much data to be sent to the user. This fix will greatly reduce lag for players on dial-up connections!
The Harrower will now perform its drain attack.
We’ve added a fix that should prevent players from experiencing the “blackholing” issue.
Pre-AoS items that add to stats will no longer add those stats permanently to characters, but will lose their bonuses after the charges run out.
Characters who die while in monster form will no longer be lootable.
The Doom boss gauntlet should now re-set itself correctly.
Houses that have been re-possessed by an in-game support rep (in the case of a player being taken to jail, for instance) will now be able to be transferred back to the player.
Fixed another issue causing some teleporters and doors to become static and unusable (note that this fix is separate from another door fix published last month!)
Locking down an overweight container will no longer cause “locked down!” barks to appear.
The House Placement Tool no longer thinks it’s a spyglass.
Fixed a crashing issue
Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we hope to publish these fixes to all remaining AoS-enabled shards beginning with the North American shards Wednesday night, to be active Thursday morning, CST

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