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The Month of April - 2000

*4-30-00 - The Sandlewood Box under attack:

Well, I've been told I can sleep through some whoppers, but this takes the cake. While I was slumbering, several important things went down last night at The Sandlewood Box. Many orcs of the clan of Bloodrock stormed the peaceful jungle retreat, in the end being defeated, but taking a lot brave souls with them. It's appearant to many it will be the location of the 7th fragment.

If you haven't already been by the Sandlewood Box, you might want to stop by and see if there's anything you can do to help. A rune to the Sandlewood can be found in The North Sentry in TUR Village. Check back soon as this story unfolds.

This story just in From Ocelot of TUR regarding the attack: The Story

Also for more information on the Dragon Knights, go to Dragon Knights. And be sure to stop by the TUR Discussion Forum to talk and listen to others regarding this saga.

*4-29-00 - Catching up:

Not much quest news to report lately. Except that one of Great Lakes' great seers, Lady Seer Scyllirya has/will be moved to a differant shard. No one is clear on why, but it's appearant that this will be taking place regardless. There are talks of how to finish the Gold Tome quest without her and in honor of her. More will come on that later.

In other news, the UO Renn patch is now in effect. A bit of advice on visiting the new counterpart to Britannia known as Trammel: Don't go there if you don't have a way back to begin with! I've heard stories of people who've been stranded there for days. Moonstones can most commonly be found on orcs, ratmen, and lizardmen if you need to find one and get home(Felucca). Unless you're looking for a house spot, I don't suggest you go there. Aside from the negative and posative act rules that differ, everything you want to look at as far as changes to monsters, the party system, PvP changes, and the rest can be tested in Felucca. I recomend that you do not consider perminant residency in Felucca until after house placement is allowed lest you be stranded, far away from your current home.

Lastly, you might want to peep at the new TUR Gallery. Featured there right now and perminantly is the TUR character profile directory. The purpose of this directory is to give members a web presence for their characters. There you get a paperdoll picture of your character posted, optional contact information such as ICQ and e-mail, other characters, and a description where you can put any number of things *CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU WANT*. Suggestions for the description are stories about your character, information about you IRL, or anything else you want others to see. You can go here to look at the new TUR Gallery.

*4-21-00 - Fragment of Humility whole:

The evil sorceress was slain in the town of Dracona, but the other half of the fragment was nowhere to be found. Janus Visego later turned herself in for trial along with the other half of the fragment of Humility.

Hopefully, soon we'll hear word of where exactly the 7th fragment will be found.

*4-19-00 - The Final battle:

In the evening two days ago, Atross came to the Sentry. He said that darkness was near and that he suspected it was Akron preparing to start the second ritual. Many TURs aswell as allies of the village rallied at the North Sentry. Scouts were sent in all directions to search for Akron. Everyone felt great pride as Atross announced how strong and ready he felt for this battle. Everyone also felt great worry for him as he demanded that he be allowed to engage Akron in one-on-one combat. And that Akron must fall to his own talons. Atross stated that the ritual must be half-way completed by this time and Akron must be stopped soon before it's too late.

Scouts sent word back to the Sentry that large amounts of undead were spotted around the crypts, just South of the village. Soon after, a confirmed sighting of Akron. The news was broadcast to everyone available and the area was soon flooded with brave heros.

After long, the two sides were parted by Atross and Akron who were to fight to the death. It was obvious that the phoenix was outmatched by the red liche, but still he demanded that no one interfere and that it be finished. One way or another. This act of bravery was indeed Atross's finest hour. The phoenix now almost dead, Tristam of clan TUR lunged to attack Akron, but was pushed aside as the final blow was dealt and the battle concluded. Atross's cindering remains laid smoking on the ground and for but a few seconds that seemed like forever, time stopped as the entire field was utterly silent. Then Akron spoke: "Darkness is the Disease" "The Blood of the Phoenix makes the way almost complete".

The tears that rolled down the cheeks of Atross's friends and patriots of the village, quickly seared off the skin as the final battle errupted! The sounds of war echoed the rage in the hearts of the warriors as Akron and his minions were utterly decimated.

Akron was slain this night and his chances at attaining the power of The Way brought to a complete hault. Everyone stood around, almost in disbelief as his glowing cropse seeped into the earth. Hoyt seemed the most shocked of all, starring at the remains of his former master. Hoyt did not grieve long however. He wandered off sometime durring the moments after Akrons demise and vanished.

A handfull of trusties were left with instuctions of what is to be done should Atross fall, and we made haste to carry them out. A funeral for Atross was called just outside The North Sentry and many came to pay their respects. After a few brief words from myself, a ritual was performed as dictated by Atross's instructions. Perhaps in our eagerness at the chance of Atross's return, we performed the ritual improperly. If that is so, we will be holding a more formal ceremony soon, at a date and time which will be posted when it is learned.

There are several loose ends to this saga which we hope to tie. What became of Atross's spirit? Is this really the end of Akron? And where was Hoyt off to in such a hurry? We hope to learn these things soon, but in the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open.

Please read a eulogy for Atross by Ocelot of TUR: The eulogy.

For more information on The Way, go to The Way.

*4-17-00 - 6th Fragment Found?:

Last night in the city of Dracona, many people gathered to defend the town. After a brief raid, the excitement seemed to be over. Later on, we got another call that another attack was on and this one was far more intense. A dark ettin, named Malkir appeared and waded through the defenders as it lead it's evil troops against the town. Eventualy slain, Malkir's body yielded the fragment of Humility. Sadly, it was discovered that it was only half of the fragment. It's suspected that the sorcerer who leads the evil mages possesses the other half of the fragment.

With any luck, the other half of the fragment will be in safe hands within a few days.

*4-16-00 - IT'S A GIRL!:

The newest TUR has arrived! And she goes by the name Kendra Elaine Larson.

On the 14th of April, weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz, comes a new baby girl. Heaven help this child. Her parents are Zmala and Shadranar. Might want to catch up with these two to get a free cigar! Since Miss Kendra is not yet UO-compatible, we might have to wait a while to meet her. Enjoy the picture of this little prune meanwhile :)

*4-12-00 - Akron starts the rituals!:

Last night, durring the Retake the Shrines meeting Atross came and announced that he sensed a great darkness nearby and that it was no doubt Akron using the Dream Sickle to open The Way.

We gathered in front of the North Sentry at once and sent several parties off in different dirrections to comb the Yew Outlands for Akron. He was found on the penninsula Northwest of TUR Village. Upon the first scouts' arrival, reapers and corpsers appeared all around. many brave warriors soon joined the fight and Akron was forced to flee. Sadly, he managed to completed 3 out of the 9 rituals. It is said that he could try again as soon as today(which he did not) and we should keep our eyes open for the rest of the week.

Please present yourselves in the village, along with any help you can bring to aid us! Akron must not be allowed to gain access to The Way!

For more information on Akron, the Dream Sickle, and The Way, visit: The Way.

*4-12-00 - Dracona under attack:

Recently, the city of Dracona, managed by the clan of CAD has come under attack. The dark forces include ettins and evil mages. We expect soon to see a dark ettin, and when slain, find the 6th fragment of the Tome of the Gold One. There is a rune to their city in the North Sentry in TUR Village in the runebook "Player-Run Establishments(2)". The Dragon's Bay tavern also has a rune there. Please lend a hand to these folks in need and help us grab that fragment!

*4-10-00 - Meeting on retaking the shrines:

Many of the virtuous shrines of Britannia have been defiled. What is to be done about this? It's time fer a meeting, me thinks. We'll be having one on this tomarrow night in the village.

For details, go to Meetings and Events.

*4-10-00 - Strange bedfellows:

Lord Hoyt has brought us a strange proposition. One which I hope we have not foolishly accepted in haste. He has told us he is now acting indipendant of Akron and wishes to see Akron humiliated by defeat. He has come to understand that he is expendable to Akron and needless to say, ain't too happy!

Whatever his reasons, he has offered us an alliance of sorts. One which was described that it could benefit both of our causes. As the actual power of the Dream Sickle was described, it seems to me that we really would not want to loose this one and we should extend our request of help to anyone who would - Even Hoyt.

For more information on Hoyt and The Way, go to The Way.

*4-09-00 - A meeting Re: Dragon Knights in Dragon's Bay:

Tonight at 7:30 pm Eastern, the Dragon of Love will be speaking at the OGD Temple in Dragon's Bay about the Dragon Knights. Hopefully we'll get all the rest of the details and can set a date for the TUR Village Tourney sometime tomarrow.

For more information on the Dragon Knights, please go here.

*4-09-00 - 5th Fragment Found:

A few days ago, April 6, The Justice Fragment was found on the body of C'Rauch the dark ogre. It was believed he was the twin brother of C'Runch, slain a couple days prior in the township of Ruindean. Copies of the fragment can be found in Dragon's Bay, Ruindean, and TUR Village.

You know the routine. Watch for who will pop up next!

*4-05-00 - Opening "The Way":

A bunch of information regarding this quest. Go here if you're looking to catch up on things.

*4-04-00 - The 8 Dragon Knights:

Warriors from across the land will be called on to test their metal, might, and wits to defend the cause of good and the virtues. Learn about the Knights here.

*4-04-00 - Ruindean under attack by ogres:

For the last 2 nights, the township of Ruindean has been attacked by ogres. *sniff, sniff* What's that I smell? That smells like the 5th fragment!

Be ready to drop all on a moment's notice to aid clan Aiel in the defending of Ruindean. And keep an eye out for that dark ogre!

*4-03-00 - Akron finds the Dream Sickle:

Last night, Akron himself and Hoyt attacked the village after finding the Dream Sickle. Atross says it will be at least a week before Akron can start the rituals. Once he does, we will have at most 3 days to stop him.

Akron will likely be busy studying the sickle durring this time, but Hoyt is sure to keep us occupied with more attacks to keep us from stopping Akron. We must all ready ourselves for the upcomming battle!

*4-02-00 - Ogres in Jhelom:

A story from Ocelot.

*4-01-00 - Group Pictures:

Take a look at the TUR group pictures for 3-30-00

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