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The Month of August - 2000

*8-26-00 - TUR Carnival:

This event will be hosting many fun activities. If you're interested in helping out, please contact Zmala on the TUR Discussion Forum and see what positions need to be filled or offer help in other things.

We're also wondering what the general opinion of which facet it should take place at is. Go here to vote on the poll.

*8-23-00 - TUR Patrons:

We recieved two very generous contributions to the clan this evening. One came from Lord Pluto who will be leaving our world for an indeffinite period of time and donated gold to better the clan as part of his leaving.

Ryak of the Sandlewood Box also sent a messanger named Willow to The North Sentry to deliver a contribution of gold. Be sure to thank these two if you catch them.

*8-12-00 - Ore Elementals:

I'm sure you've all heard about them or perhaps even seen one. Well, today, Helper and Triona found a spiffy little toy on a stone gargoyle. A gargoyle's pickaxe. Doesn't look like there's anything to it. Just a funny name on a regular ol' thing. But we'd find out that there was more to this little gadchet than meets the eye.

Not all of the things listed here are ironclad, but are considered to be fact based on our brief experiences while using this item.

When we tested it out on a valorite vein, we were very supprised by this metalic blue guardian that rose from the Earth. It had the strength and prowess of a dragon. Luckily no one was seriously hurt durring this. We found on the body of the beat 25 valorite ore, 2 sapphires, and close to 1,000 gold. A very nice bounty indeed! One of the more notable things about the creature was it's strange attack. As you can see, it looks and sounded like an attack of some sort of super-heated gas from the earth. It was in many way simular to an energy bolt, doing 10-40 points of damage and resembling the effect of a flame strike, rising up and enveloping it's target. We went on to try other types of veins and found a wide range of these ore guardians. They are very beautiful in their metalic colors, but deadly to be sure. Each carried 25 ore of the metal type they resembled and often the affiliated gems. Some had gold on them and some did not. We found that generally the GM miner had a better chance of conjuring an elemental as opposed to not a Grandmaster miner.

One of the neater things about the pickaxe was that it seemed to upgrade the level of the ore you were trying to mine by one. A verite vein would yield valorite, and so on. We managed to keep the pick alive for a prolonged period of time by means of repairing it with blacksmithing.

Should you find one of these little gems, hold onto it. It can provide you hours of fun not to mention be a wonderful helper to a blacksmith who likes to make that purty armor.

*8-10-00 - Ex-Seer Lazuras:

I'd just released the site for Risen(The Way continued) and was informed of this an hour afterwords :-\

FROM Ex-Seer Lazuras:
Farewells and all Therein

I looked up at the two moons has they gave their full attention upon the proceedings. Their full light bounced around and gave the meeting a strange shade that I cannot describe. They filled me with a deep boundless sadness. Slowly I shook off my robe, it seemed to shimmer for just a second has if trying and wanting to come back. A living thing, I once would have scoffed, but this was my identity my sole reason for existing upon this plane of existence. This green robe symbolized all I hoped to accomplish, all my creative ideas and aspirations. Now, now it was being taken away. I held the simple cloth in my hands once more, enjoying the strange texture and the love that it had been given. I looked up into those other robes surrounding me. Their faces hidden by the cowls. One stepped forward his face hidden, hidden from my eyes, he held his hands forward. Moonlight tears drifted slowly down my face. Slowly folded the robe reverently and handed it to him, and in the second when both our hands still touched the cloth a light seemed to shimmer and time to stop.

I remembered my very first days on Great Lakes, of the testing out of my new abilities, of my mentor Scyllirya. She showed me almost every place that was of great note at the time. She took me around and helped me to get to know everyone. Like a little boy with his hopes and dreams fulfilled I embarked on this journey. I visited everywhere and then I saw some place, a place filled with hope and promise. A place I knew had potential. I embarked on this place known has the Village of the UnRuled. I met Skye, Outy, Tristam, Helper, Ocelot and others to numerous to mention. They greeted me warmly and fairly. I was accepted and that was then that I knew they would become the focal point of my quest. It had no name nor form but I knew this was the place. So one day while doing a small little quest of no consequence I created someone called Hoyt. And I created a small story around Hoyt. And then Atross came about, Atross, how can I describe Atross, he is my favorite character. He was a hero without a home, a soul who came to help and protect, I think he was me sometimes if I could be so noble. And so Atross became the patron saint of TUR and Akron and the enigmatic Hoyt entered the picture. Akron the seldom seen Dark Lord, The mysterious DreamSickle and Hoyt the strange whose-side-is-he-on character. Each of those that played these characters added their own uniqueness to the characters creating a tapestry. The Tapestry that became known has the Way. Akron died and so did Atross, and I saw the outpouring of the community over the loss and that's how I knew I had done something more than just create a story, hopefully I had given people the want to log in to see what happens next.

Then Scy left, I was saddened I considered her my mentor of Seering. She was a good great person and then in her memory I was asked to do something, even though it meant postponing the Way.for 2 or 3 months. I accepted the arduous task of the Tomes of Virtue. It started out with a simple Orc, Grak da Blak. So began my close friendship with the Orcs. I had Grak da Blak spin mysterious tales of a dark master, the Black One, arch enemy of the Gold One. Originally the Black One was to be much different. But I decided to do my own twist. And so the Chaos Knights were born. I figured if the Gold got her knights then so should the Black One. Around this time there was some fumbling but that is to be expected when someone enters a new role that he/she has no idea about. I got several urgent emails from Sabbathius and I tried to rectify the situation. Around this time I met Basil, a good fellow and perhaps one of the reasons mention of the Black One brings a smile to my face. This fellow is perhaps the epitome of roleplaying, sacrificing twelve hours of his life in waiting. Also at the beginning I began to get to know several people that I would garner experience from. Ryak, Andrew, Heather, Xterra, and others. Each one offering their own perspective.

Then came what some consider he anticlimactic "ending" to the whole thing. The Fight.the fight in which details are still being debated. I left it open ended, I left it even and I let the players decide the winner. When dark won I knew something was gonna have a backlash. And I smile over it, I knew that this meant something. That I had let the players do something that never had happened, I let Dark win. I let the Light be defeated. I shouldn't say I let, but I did not stop it by making the Light invulnerable. I wanted it to be player related. And when I see the amount of discussion over this I knew I evoked feelings. And I knew I evoked perhaps something that will lead to something greater.

Then I decided that Scy would want the 8 tomes united, and so I allowed the Knights to gain them back. Now I hope that the strife between Light and Dark will continue because it will no doubt offer great opportunities for roleplaying. Somewhere during this time I decided it was once again time to start up the Way, several people of the Order of the Fiery One appeared and Alkart Ashcroft appeared. Alkart, devious and strange and dark, the very epitome of the shifty deceptive warrior. Having no morals other than to defeat the Darkness, these morals would eventually lead to not his downfall but my own also.

Later, when several things were in place, a group known has the Black Company decided that they would defeat me, not in combat but by otherworldly means. And if you are reading this they succeeded. I bear them no hostility, they did what they thought was right. I am sad because of what has happened, but forgiveness is a virtue.

So now I leave to you my thanks. My thanks for such a wonderful time. I always wanted to give more interactive stories, those that were at Sandlewood that night know what I am talking about. All the wonderful love from those at TUR. And the Orcs that often brought me humor. Xterra - How can I forget the Lady who offered me a room in her house, well it seems I cannot accept it. Heather - You were one of my best links to the community, keep up the site I visited it everyday and most often 3 or 4 times a day. Outy and Skye - I am deeply sorry I cannot do what you asked me to do. Please forgive me. And thanks for all your support and help I truly appreciated it. Andrew Bishop - You and Ryak keep up the good work I expect it. Trugagh - You are what embodies the Orc, the orcs are perhaps one of the best examples of roleplaying on Great Lakes, don't let it fall or I will be displeased. Sabbathius - Sometimes you vilified me and sometimes I think you liked me, I myself think you are a great roleplayer and you should continue with the Gold One, I know you will. Mordain - You may be a pompous arrogant worshipper of a demi-god.but you are good at what you do. Smiles Never ever forget the Society. Basil - when I first heard of you I thought oh great another admirer but now you lead the Cult, follow in the Black Ones steps, the Hymn of Discord guide thee, maybe when I get time I will add more to it. Tristam - Ever the cynic.although you would be surprised on how many of your theories were correct. Ocelot and Helper - You were warriors of true heart. To the Dragon Knights and Dark Knights - Keep up the good work, keep up the good fight, keep the story, the tapestry still has threads that have yet to be touched. To the Nameless players I have met and those I have not - Keep up the good work, roleplay or not, I would like you all to roleplay but I know you won't but just keep going, there are many tapestries. Ryak - How can I explain Ryak. He was my closest tie to the GL Community. Without him much of what you see could not have been done. He is a great person and deserves respect, he made Sandlewood a joy to be in. Don't worry Ryak our little project is still going on, I will get someone to handle it. And don't stop with the roleplaying. To those who I have no doubt let down and made angry with my quests, I am not sorry I did these things, rather I hope I had an impact, I suppose that is what all of us want to do to this strange world, create an impact. I truly hope I have done my share. I am sorry the Way will not be completed but if others wish to take it up then I will help them if they want it. To my family in Great Lakes Interest, Fizzle, thanks continue the good work, its in your hands now if you want it.

Blackblade - Thank you for all your help, you helped create a tapestry. Foo and Zix, you two clowns, thanks fer the support. Jerrith - You stood beside me and you helped me and you were always just a query away, I thank you for this I only hope other seers have ancients half has good and cool has you. Zianna - Everytime before you logged off you would ask me if I needed anything even if I did not, I thank you for that. Bacchus - You stood beside me no matter what, you were always accessible and if I had a question you would answer it. And now to whom I consider my true mentor of roleplaying in general, the man who would truly jump over a flaming pit for the interest program, he is the fellow you don't hear much about but that gives his soul to the program, Nikademus. I remember all the good times at Serpents Cross. Of the Nercosyiam, of the gentle guidance and then the first tentative steps into this strange place called Uo-interest. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Players, do not curse Team GL, they are great folks and everyone of them only want to help. Do not curse UO-Interest, I don't know them all personally but from what I have seen they only want to help. Do not curse Eidolon either, he is just doing what he thinks is right and although I may not agree with it I can understand it and I bear him no hatred. Help these people because they are here to help you. Boy this is starting to get long and rambling. I was not the perfect Seer, sometimes I got mad and upset, I tried to be the open seer, the one the community could always get in touch with. I think I succeeded in some small ways. I may log in one more time has a normal character to go to Sandlewood and enjoy one last cup of ale, one last story. Then I will make my goodbyes and leave. Then I will go to Atlantic and make my farewells. And then I will end this long journey that started so many years ago. My existence in Sosaria shall end. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful time and may many more still await thee.

The cloth left my hands and I felt a shudder rack my soul. I looked up and then I smiled. The hooded figure seemed confused and asked me why I a smiled. And I told him what I have just said, he just nodded his head has if understanding me on some lower level. I looked around and disappeared into the void, feeling a loss. Of things not done that I wanted to do. So my friends I leave thee, let the Tapestry of Sosaria never be finished. Never let every song be sung, every story told and every man secrets known. Keep weaving the threads, I suspect you will because you have done it long before I came and will continue doing it long after I leave. Farewell my friends, Walk in Balance.

Seer Lazuras
It feels strange to write that for the last time.

*Adds another name to the Seer Death list*
*sighs longingly*
What will become of us now?

You will be dearly missed, old friend.

*8-10-00 - Another 2v2 Tourney:

A 2 on 2 tourney will be taking place on top of the Dragon Roost Tavern in TUR Village this Monday, August 14.

Details can be found at Meetings & Events

*8-03-00 - Marlo the miner:

Miss Marlo stopped by the Sentry earlier in the day and brought treasure maps for everyone to play with. The area the maps were located in was tough enough as it was. Many of us that went took dirt naps, but it was an adventure to say the least.

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