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The Month of August - 2002

*8-19-02 - The Harrower's Lair:

POS had taken over the star room again, and those of TUR gathered to attack. Upon arriving in the star room however, it was empty except for a gate to the harrower.

We look a brief time, traveling through the twisted tunnels of Covetous where the harrower had appeared. Arriving a little late, the fake harrower had already been dispatched, and the true harrower was making an appearance. The energy fields are courtesy of POS. For a time there, anyone within a certain radius of the harrower was taking massive amounts of dmage. Outy is under the lifebar for the tentacles, trying to figure out a way back over.

The scene soon turned into a river of spell flack, flowing towards the wretched harrower. Those red swamp tentacles are "tentacles of the harrower." Player combatants were dropping one by one as the harrower singled them out and attacked, but there was almost a feeling of saftey in the 50 people there in that it felt unlikely that your number would be called in the sea of other potential targets.

The harrower finally expired, and below is a picture of the 2-minute pause while the server processed all of the loot it was about to spawn.

When the loot finally appeared, it did so in a magnificant light display which was unable to be captured due to not paying attention at the moment the server finally finished processing the loot spawn.

It's not known exactly how much gold appeared. The screen filled with piles of between 200 and 2,000 gold. When one was picked up, you'd find another underneath, and another, and another. The looting continued for some time after the harrower's death, and Player Killers started reappearing to attack after the show was over.

The harrower was indeed as nasty as they say, but by far, the biggest hazard in dungeons still remains to be players.

*8-12-02 - Nester's Fight Night:

Nester McRae, also known as Nightwalker gathered many members of the clan together to partake of general punishment and to hit eachother with big sticks.

The night started with everyone getting all warmed up for the main event. A few practicing their metal on eachother(Above.)

At last, they were all sorted into green and red teams. Listed from bottom to top for the green team is: Wizard Tyrantt, Tirian, Jumbalia, Zmala, Hermione, and in back for green is the current team captain Sara Dublin.

From bottom to top for red: Sir JoShUa, Strife, Bella, Charlie Thrashem, SaleM, and Nester McRae, current team captain in back for red.

Spectators were from left to right: desperado, Demise, Outy, Buddy(The pack llama), and Tweek.

Later on, Tyrael AzWrath and desperado joined opposing teams bringing the numbers to a 14-man melee. The entire area was filled with the carnage of the battle, but above is an area of concentrated fighting from one of the night's rounds.

After the organized fighting had adjourned, various groups of the participants split off into their own, smaller fights. Nester gave everyone a good time and was most generous with supplies. Perhaps he'll do another such event again soon.

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