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The Month of December - 2000

*12-28-00 - Ocelot and Zmala - We're not worthy!:

We give praises today to Ocelot and Zmala of Clan TUR for their months of dedicated service.

Zmala, known also as Rylia and Kendra has brought the clan many wonderful events and gatherings and is never too busy to lend a hand. Ocelot has made us proud with his service at Stratics as Helper, his faction contributions as Whisper, or just bein' himself and persuing the latest mystery.

These two own and manage the two central buildings in the main clearing of TUR Colonial Hamlet as well - Zmala's Playhouse and The Redfeather. Pay a visit there sometime.

We salute ya' n' stuff :)

*12-09-00 - Factions released:

After roughly 26 hours had passed since factions had first opened on Great Lakes, 4 Shadowlords, two of which TURs, set out with the newly corrupted Skara Brae sigil to be returned to the town of Skara Brae. At 7:50 am Central, the corrupted sigil was placed, capturing the very first faction town on the Great Lakes shard.

Outy Rex Regis, Liriel, Munky, and Pathos Genesis were the ones who made the delivery. Mister Pathos Genesis(pictured) also made a later town capture possible. The Shadowlords, now control 3 towns including Skara Brae, Trinsic, and Magincia.

Meanwhile, a struggle to corrupt the remaining sigils in the name of the faction has resulted in many large-scale battles at the various strongholds and cities accross the shard. The appearance of a few, scattered faction items have been spotted sporadically, but we've yet to see a major implimentation of special colored, newbiefied items such as faction, leather, armor, and weapons. Perhaps soon when the silver starts to accumulate.

We'll likely get a taste of other fun new systems once this shard's first faction leadership election is held.

*12-02-00 - Fairgrounds follow-up:

Alrighty, what all has happened. We all remember the grand opening of the fairgrounds. This possibly could not have happened without some serious ghost busting on the part of the player community.

Locke and Roberta MacLeod were layed to rest. Their spirits, that is. Does the name sound familiar? It should! Roberta and Locke are ancestors of Skye MacLeod. This here was the easy part. It was when Devon D'Clar, the ancient liche showed up on the scene that things got ugly. A horrid creature this liche. Tormenting Locke and Roberta in life and death as well as any visitors to the land which is now the Skara Brae fairgrounds.

But the good news: All three of these souls met slumber at last in the afterlife. Roberta and Locke resting peacefully now in the Britian cemetary, and Devon, a more fitting buriel of his remains being scattered to the 4 corners of sosaria, never to be reunited again! Pictures of some of these happenings are comming soon to the TUR Gallery. Look fer 'em!

After the playgrounds were secured, the decorations and facilities that one Andrew Jollier put up were simply glorious! Many spiffy festivities to be had durring the days of the land's first fair. People gatherered from all over the realm to partake of the events. TUR took part in the Rustics' play, the archery contest, and cowtipping. We also participated in many of the events which took place. A lot of it seems a blurr, but it would seem Bon Scott won the Man vs. Ogre Lord competition. Yay Bon! A few screenshots of the play will also be available on the TUR Gallery.

The fairgrounds provided an exciting week and likely much more excitement to come! For those seeking the fairgrounds, they are located in a large field Northwest of the Skara Brae fairy on the mainland side.

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