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The Month of December - 2001

*12-17-01 - Yule in Yew:

The event was a success. The Wolfman was the host of this event, and a wonderful job he did. People enjoyed socializing and entertainment on the North Sentry's East lawn until later on, when certain groups who deserve no publicity here showed up to cause disorder. Fortunately, it was time to go see Santa and his helpers on the roof of the North Sentry and a small group was left outside to keep the bad men busy.

Thank you, everyone who attended and helped. This picture was taken shortly after everyone went upstairs to see Santa, but you can see the purty lawn decorations and some leftover NPC paladin party partners.

*12-4-01 - Pit Fights:

Organized by Lucifer's Minion, many TURs and OOTs gathered this evening to test their metal and magic against one another. There were many deaths and the event looked like great fun. Minion plans to host pit fighting whenever he has the time, stating that it will be held every night, and that all TUR and OOT are welcome to participate. He has plans to give prizes to winners in the future, and even establish a system by which fighters can wager their own prizes on the outcome of their fights. Although Minion has no immediate plans to open this event up to the general public, he is not discarding the idea.

Sounds like grand fun.

*12-4-01 - Yule in Yew Outlands:

The second annual Yule in Yew will be held in the Outlands this year! For details, head over to the Meetings & Events page.

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