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The Month of February - 2000

*2-27-00 - The attacks continue:

Another primetime attack on the village occurred tonight. We gathered in the heart of TUR Village this evening to watch for harpy attacks. After an hour of hangin' around, we couldn't ignore the calls for help any longer. Trinsic was under attack and Cove was being overrun by gazers, led by Kaltar himself. We decided to help out the people of Cove and left a couple people behind to hold down the fort and send word if anything strange happened back home while we were away.

I received word that a couple harpy scouts were spotted in the village and we gathered outside of the Cove city gates to depart for home right away. Word was sent to our allies as we gated home to find an assault already in progress.

The renowned Strider of CoP came to our aid as well as our friends from Dragons's Bay, CMG and CTC, along with several other organizations who soon showed up to fend off the attackers.

With the help of our allies and friends, we won a swift victory over the harpy swarm. We met afterwards on top of the Dragon Roost Tavern to discuss these attacks.

I've never known harpies to take anything more than low flight, so I imagined we'd be safe up there on the roof. Red William pointed out that eventually, there would come the leader of the harpy army - A dark harpy of a name we do not yet know. It is said that this harpy carries the second fragment of the Tome of the Gold One. William and the other OGD's have personal interest in the Tome as well. If William ever wants to regain his memories in full, we must recover all fragments, or so it is said.

We were also warned by William that two other parties are seeking the fragments for themselves. Dorian DeLacey and Purple. We are still uncertain of their plans, so we'll have to keep an eye open as things happen.

Also, make sure to contact your friends and allies this evening as any help available to defend TUR Village is welcomed.

*2-26-00 - TUR Village under attack:

This evening, we were called to the LEF headquarters by Heather of the CMG. At the meeting, we discussed the quest for the Tome of the Gold One. Many of the topics didn't get the full attention they deserved because of problems with comm crystal spam and in some cases, not being able to hear the speaker at all.

One of the topics that was discussed was what the plan was to attain the rest of the fragments of the Tome. As it is known, it is predicted they will be guarded by the leaders of the various armies that will appear as a black monster. And should it be slain, we will then find a fragment on it's corpse. The other main topic was an alliance with the GLA(Great Lakes Alliance). I didn't happen to catch the contact information regarding this alliance, so if anyone could give me a website address or something it'd be appreciated. However, I don't know if we'll want to be part of that alliance. This is about recovering the Tome and not politics, and I'm guessing politics is all this alliance will bring.

During the meeting, gazers attacked several times. The first couple times, we passed off the attacks with a shrug and tried to continue on with the meeting. However, durring the last attack, Kaltar himself showed up, bringing with him a very large raid of gazers and this in fact did end the meeting effectively. Kaltar then took his army to Cove and attacked the city. No doubt a message that he is not impressed by our efforts to stop him.

After the battle in Cove, we were seperated from the other groups, later meeting up with them in Dragon's Bay. Whenever they showed up, Red William was in a death robe, claiming not to have the foggiest notion who he was or what was happening. This continued throughout the night, but he regained his memory little by little as the night went on, so it could have just been a jog on the head, soon to be recovered from. We'll see in the future.

We'd had a hard night and decided to pack it in. Skye MacLeod opened a gate home and we all went through. When we got there, 3 harpies swooped in on us out of nowhere. We killed them and I thought little of the harpies and walked on inside the Sentry. Once I got in, another harpy appeared, another, and yet another...5...15....30...It was maddness. The boys rushed outside to meet this swarming foe. I recalled back to Dragon's Bay to let them know we were under attack. A couple came back with me to the village and Heather alerted the others in Dragon's Bay who soon showed up to aid us.

Harpies flooded the area, comming from all sides throughout the village. This led to us becomming seperated. It was a good thing the harpies were scattered about, but next time, we'll need more people to defend our borders.

After the battle, we gathered loosely below the tavern, chatting about unrelated topics aswell as William's current state of forgetfullness.

Well, this could be the first of a series of attacks on TUR Village. I request that you all be present or at least make yourselves avilable durring these times as another attack could happen at anytime!

*2-25-00 - A warning of things to come!:

A mysterious figure has appeared. It brought with it a warning. The figure said the attacks might soon target a new town and we must all be watchful of signs that TUR Village might be under attack.

It was said that each of the attacks will bring differant monsters. They appeared in the form of Lizard men when Dragon's Bay was attacked. When the attacks come, it is said they will be many of the same monster and in the end, their leader will apear. It will be a monster of the same type only black, and the leader must be slain.

Should any of you see signs of an attack, please let me and the rest of us know. We will contact our allies aswell as others, willing to defend the village against such attacks.

*2-23-00 - The new TUR Village Forum!:

Go check out our forum on the UOMB: TUR Village Forum provided by Lady Aramis.

*2-19-00 - See the updates that will take place with the next patch!:

Follow this Link

*2-17-00 - Work starts on the TUR website:

Well, after months of people saying we should have one, here it is. As time went on I realized there could be many uses for a site aswell, so enjoy!


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