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The Month of February - 2002

*2-26-02 - TUR Loves Great Lakes:

Tonight, at 10 pm Central we stormed the bank of Britain in Trammel! Only, we did not use arrows, nor spears in this attack. No! Our weapons were treats, goodies, and love!

Yes! We appeared this evening to profess our love to the people of Great Lakes! And share the goodies with all! We were pleased how well-receieved we were by the fine people of this shard. Of course, there will always be the hecklers, but to them, I bite my thumb!

To the right is our merry little bunch in front of the Bitter Sweet Tower in TUR Colonial Hamlet getting ready to spread the love.

And then of course above, there was the actual spreading of love. Many TURs joined in the merriment as they came home and it was grand. Into the eager hands of the fine people of Great Lakes, we tossed gold, food, treats, books, armor sets, and colorful confetti, spreading our message of love!

We do hope everyone who bore witness enjoyed the spectacle as much as we did creating it.

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