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The Month of July - 2000

*7-24-00 Clan TUR's Dark Side of the Moon:

Last night, members of the GoF marched by Terra Blanca Fortress to show us their strength....And we showed them our fannies! Perhaps not the most cordial thing in the world, but oh, man...'Felt good to give me bum some fresh air.

*7-22-00 Murder Counts Detailed:

We now have a detailed explanation of the murder count and redness system available for easy reference. If you're flagged a murderer or are just curious about how it works, go to Murder Counts to find out more.

*7-19-00 Alkart Interview:

It's finally in! Take a look at the interview of Alkart Ashcroft by Ocelot of TUR.

*7-15-00 2v2 Tournament:

If you're a TUR and are available on 7-19-00, you're a candidate for Duran's practice tournament open only to TURs before the tournament which will be open for all. Go here if you wish to learn more.

*7-10-00 TUR Discussion Forum new set up:

The forum is set up now so that only the clan and friends of the clan may read the forum and post on it. The forum is not private, so please do apply if you wish to have access to it. You can either sign up with TUR Private or if you just log onto the TUR Discussion Forum, you will automatically be prompted with information on how to gain access to the forum.

See you there!

*7-6-00 Clan Gathering at Terra Blanca:

On Saturday the 28th at 8 p.m. Central, the clan will be coming together in Terra Blanca for a meeting followed by festivities. For more information about the event go to Meetings & Events. And if you're wondering where Terra Blanca Fortress is located, visit the TUR Village Page.

*7-4-00 The Dream Sickle!?:

A couple of nights ago, several spiders showed up outside of Terra Blanca Fortress. There was a small and brief skirmish with the creatures, and after the confusion, a tome was found in the courtyard with the author marked as "Durghast". It read simply as follows:

"another midnight stormy night teems with the spider feel and a thousand ogres beat upon the sands of the midnight sun and so it continues"

And last night, Alkart payed a visit and told us about an object in his posession called the Dream Sickle. It was a most beautiful item indeed. A full report will be available soon. In the meantime, read The Scrolls of The Way to find out where the Dream Sickle has made a previous appearance. Check back soon.

*7-1-00 Queensgate Chateau open for business!:

Just to the East of the grand Terra Blanca Fortress can be found the Queensgate Chateau which is now open and available for rental. Visit the Queensgate Chateau page to learn more.

*7-1-00 "You can run...":

A series of things happened in Trammel yesterday. This first part is speculation: It would seem Alkart dropped a moonstone in TUR Village to see where it would take him. Unknown to him, the strange tribe of spiders that have plagued us before were watching. Alkart stumbled into what he found to be another village in Trammel, also inhabited by The UnRuled. While looking around, he noticed that he had not come alone and that a small band of arachnid scouts followed him into the gate.

Meanwhile, we were in the South tower in Trammel and startled by a handful of 8-legged menaces. We soon found the tower to crawl with them, and in the midst of the madness, we happened upon Alkart outside who was also having problems of his own with the beasts.

Though vicious and hectic, the confrontation was soon over. We tried to eliminate all of the scouts but it is believed that there were a couple who escaped and reported our location to their resident Dread.

What will our newly aquired foes do with this information? All that's certain is that no place is safe!

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