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The Month of July - 2002

*7-15-02 - Firehorning the Sentry:

The mighty firehorn has arrived with patch 16, along with many other goodies. You can see TUR enjoying the evening of new toys, and setting others ablaze in mass with the new firehorn.

*7-4-02 - The North Sentry hits 50,000 visits!:

Well, we missed the mark a little on this one. We didn't get a shot of the even 50k sign and there were no prizes! And to top it off, the announcement comes late! Better later than never though.

The 50k mark was hit sometime in May. The sign to date is presently at 52,210 and still goin' up. For now, here's a lovely late shot of our 50,052 sign. We'll see you for 60!

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