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The Month of June - 2000

*6-29-00 Alkart Ashcroft:

Earlier today, Alkart passed through the village, stopping for a while to speak to the local residents. He seemed a lot more cordial than the tattered tome that we found authored by his name described. There was also some talk about Andre who visited a week earlier being an imposter, or possibly the Alkart we see today the imposter. Neither is certain at this point.

Nonetheless, an interesting new individual has some into play and we have some sort of face to go along with the tome. Time will tell the meaning of these encounters.

*6-27-00 Terra Blanca Fortress:

A couple of nights ago, the final stone was layed and construction finished on Terra Blanca Fortress in Trammel. For the next couple of days, it will be furnished and hopefully completed shortly. After that time, runes will be made available in all TUR establishments. It will also be permanently added to the TUR Village page.


Also, those wishing to open TUR Outposts: Please notify us so we can take down all of the information and pictures for the TUR Village page.

*6-25-00 TUR and Trammel:

I'd like to clarify a few things for those who've been asking, or rather for the rest who will ask also. TUR as a whole has done very well in Trammel. Be that as it may, we will not be moving to Trammel. TUR Village in Felucca will remain our main place of congregation at this time.

The North Sentry and Felucca in general will be a bit vacant for a time while everyone is busy in Trammel decorating their new real estate or attempting to aquire their's. It's my hopes that in a couple of weeks things will resume more or less as normal.

However, now that Trammel has come and is now an open playing field with permanent posts there, it will undoubtedly be a major part of clan TUR in the future. With our numbers being spread between two facets, I look forward to the new applications in hopes that soon, our numbers will be equally represented on both facets.

I know we're all looking forward to see how our new aquisitions will turn out and as always, we'll continue to grow stronger and larger. And on that note, please do introduce some of your new Trammel friends to The UnRuled ;) In the meantime, have fun decorating!

*6-24-00 House placement:

Last night on the 23rd, house placement was rough on Great Lakes. But praise the lord, at least it's over and done! I'm very proud of all of you who managed to get someonething down, and deeply saddened for those who did not get the chance to.

Even if you didn't get the type you wanted or the spot you wanted, it's a great feat to have a large at all and something to be very proud of. If it didn't come this time, don't give up and hang in there, you'll eventually get one. In the meantime, the clan will take care of ya' just like you take care of it.

Any TURs who placed in Trammel are encouraged to aspire towards becomming a recognized TUR Outpost. I look forward to seeing all of the new ideas, themes, and decorations.

As for now, TUR has no major plans to relocate to Trammel. However, this could change at anytime as we did not make any plans for Trammel before we knew what we had. If there are any major changes made regarding TUR's facet residency, it will be posted here and perminantly placed on the TUR Village Page.

Again, congratulations to the new house owners and our deepest condolences to this who didn't get to.

*6-20-00 Website updates:

The TUR site will be under some heavy construction for the next few days so if anything looks a little funny, try refreshing or checking back later. Thank ya'.

*6-20-00 8-legged invaders:

A couple of night's ago, the sound of a hundred skinny legs pattering could be heard in the village as giant spiders came in waves. They appeared to be lead by an intelligent dread spider. Many guilds and friends came from around to assist against this menace.

After the remaining spiders has been put down, there was but one left which mumbled something about crypts in it's strange spider tongue before it fell. So we headed to the only ones in these parts that we knew which were directly south of the village. Upon entry, we were met by arachnid forces, attempting to hold back our advance.

The dread spider was in our sights, but as we persued it, deeper and deeper into the crypts, the spiders seemed to come from the walls, the ceiling, and even up from the floor. We eventually pushed to a far back room where the dread spider was held up. The room seemed utterly alive as giant spiders piled on their leader to protect it.

After long, all that was left was the dread spider which only had a last sentence to say before killing itself rather than being taken. I cannot varify the accuracy of this as it was spoken in a heavy accent of spider: "Alkart, tattoo will be comming for you!"

Later on a fellow named Andre, a warrior stopped by the village. Much after the crypts I did not see, and hope to have the details of it posted here or elsewhere later. Meanwhile, we are all left wondering what to make of these events and the spider's words.

*6-18-00 Triona spiffs up the bath house in TUR Village:

I'd encourage everyone to go take a peep at the TUR bath house, now under the supervision and care of Triona. Or if you just refuse to take the time, the least you could do is go to the TUR Village page :) You can find a link to a picture of the house from there.

Looks good so far, Miss Triona. Keep it up.

*6-18-00 King o' the Hill Tourney follow-up:

The event was a success and a lot of fun for everyone. The winners were as follows:

King of the Hill:
Round Winners:
    Mr Bum
    Dr Johnny Fever
    Tasha Kajar

Congratulations to the winners and good effort to everyone who participated.

*6-16-00 Zmally King of the Hill Tourney:

Ocelot of TUR will be hosting a tournament on top of the Dragon Roost Tavern in TUR Village tomarrow night, Saturday, June 17 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

For details, go to Meetings & Events

*6-09-00 - Need we say more?:

*6-05-00 - Dragon Knight Chosen:

The tournament was postponed from the 31st of May to the 1st of June where the night went relatively smoothly. ENERGY won the tournament, but before it was announced who would have the honor of being TUR's Dragon Knight, he insisted that the honor be rightfully given to Helper. Helper humbly accepted and is now the Dragon Knight for the Village of The UnRuled.

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