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The Month of March - 2000

*3-29-00 - Honesty Fragment recovered at Krista's:

Last night, at Krista's Ranger Station, The 4th Fragment of the Tome of the Gold One was recovered. A dark troll led an army of trolls against Krista's. After a rough fight, the dark troll was finaly slain.

It was said that the trolls body had many things on it such as treasure maps, gems, scrolls, and other things. The fragment was grabbed by Bon Scott and handed over to Elwynn.

A copy of the Honesty Fragment can be found on display on the first floor of the tavern, in the back room. There is also a couple of gems and some platemail armor on display that was recovered from the dark troll.

*3-28-00 - WANTED - Hoyt: Dead or Alive:

Hoyt, the dark paladin; Minion of Akron, has sent his pack of wolves and hounds on the village again tonight. The attack was much more intense than the others. Akron must be getting frustrated with our reluctance to uproot.

Hoyt seems much stronger than when he first appeared. It is no doubt his weapons and armor. We speculate they were enchanted by Hoyt's master, Akron himself. They give him great prowess and protection. He carries a dark viking sword named Ebon Blade and a metal kite: Shield of Ebon. We've decided right now, he's too powerful to fight directly. The best thing to do now is focus on his hounds and try to keep him away from the fight by means of stone walls and paralyze

Again, it is quite appearant that Akron is becomming impatient and these assaults on the village will become more frequent and stronger. It is recomended that you not walk around the village without some means of protection about you and have someone with you at all times.

*3-24-00 - A few updates:

In addition to archiving old news, I'm gonna' start putting stories as seperate html files so this page takes less time to load.

This Thursday, we'll be having group pictures. Go to Meetings and Events to find out more.

*3-24-00 - What's happening to the virtue shrines of Britannia?:

Here's a short account by Ocelot - The story

*3-19-00 - From Akron to Atross, and the rest of the gang:

Here's a recap of the events and characters thus far by Skye MacLeod: The story

And here's a recolection of Atross's visit last night by Ocelot: The story

If anyone has anything new to add to our current knowledge of the situation, please post it on the TUR Discussion Forum

*3-19-00 - The Fragment of Honor recovered:

Last night in the village of Dragon's Point, The 3rd fragment of the Gold Tome was recovered - The Honor Fragment. Many brave souls fell to the dark orc and his forces, but in the end, we prevailed.

A copy of the fragment of Honor is on display in Dragon's Bay and soon in the Dragon Roost Tavern in TUR Village. I'll post the contents of the fragment in our library too as soon as I get the chance.

Everyone should be looking out for the next place that is to fall under attack by a dark one, carrying the fourth fragment.

*3-14-00 - TUR's First line of defense:

We're recognizing one Bon Scott for months of faithful service. Bon can always be found, clearing borders of the village of nasties or standing sternly in The North Sentry, ready for anything.

So on behalf of TUR, here's to you, Bon!

*3-13-00 - The plot thickens...:

*sigh* I was absent on both occasions when things happened yesterday evening. But here's an account as told by Skye MacLeod.

Friday, March 10
From the Journal of Skye MacLeod of The UnRuled (TUR Village)

Last evening, while tending to my sister who fell ill at her home near Mt. Destard, I received news of the appearance in TUR Village of a murderous ogre lord -- Grub. He arrived with a small band of orcs who raided the village and were swiftly slain. Once his forces were disbursed, Grub seized for himself the dragon's lair on the 3rd floor of the Dragon Roost Tavern. With magical potions he healed himself from attacks and pummeled all that tried to converse with him. "Ee nub hert," he bellowed in defiance as he repeated the threats on TUR made by the hellhound the night before. "This no humie land. I am just a mes…mess…messenger for my master, the Red One." During his rant, Grub let slip the name of his Lord and Master who seems determined to take our beloved village for himself -- the evil force who claims TUR is on his holy ground, the one who would have us leave or perish -- Akron. As I understand it, after a long stand off and many brave acts of self-sacrifice, the defenders finally rushed in and withstood the clomping long enough to conquer Grub the Ogre Lord.

Shortly after Grub met his fate, a man who was apparently suffering from the plague, was found on the tavern steps. Gilberto staggered about and moaned. Some say he raved like a madman,saying: "Dark…stone… deep…earth." When questioned as to how he arrived in TUR Village, Gilberto shared that he had jumped in a gate created for orcs -- we assume those from the earlier attack -- and that he sought escape from the place where the orcs and undead fought each other. Before he breathed his final breath, Gilberto mumbled: "The orcs are not Keeonans. And the undead are not Juo'Nars."

I was told that later that same night, a man appeared in the village by the name of Hoyt. He was dressed as a Paladin yet glowed with the ruby hue of a murderer. Several of the defensive warriors -- now alert to impending danger -- sought to destroy him on site. However, Outy of the TURs encouraged them to let the man speak, in the hopes we could gain a clue as to the source of the threats on our community.

Hoyt stated that he was looking for someone that had escaped his master, the Crimson mage. When told that the bones of one Gilberto had recently turned to dust -- Hoyt seemed perturbed that there was no body. Hoyt asked if Gilberto had said anything strange. Fearing this bounty hunter would attack them for knowing too much, the defenders of TUR Village shared nothing of Gilberto's words. I have heard from Tristam that Hoyt was looking for a book on Gil's body. This book was to have contained plans -- for what we do not know. Leaving swiftly, saying he must look for another and had hounds to feed. Hoyt was hear to announce before he disappeared: "I go to Akron."

Sunday, March 12, 2000
From the Journal of Skye MacLeod of The UnRuled (TUR Village)

I awoke from a nap this afternoon to find several members of the Clan along with Red William and other visitors gathered outside of the North Sentry. Flinging open the doors to welcome our guests, I was quite taken aback by the sight of a Red Phoenix -- a magnificent bird of the likes I have never seen! He spoke to us with an urgency saying he was looking for Akron last seen in this village. He mentioned the visitors of the past few days -- Hoyt, Gilbert, Grub, the hellhounds -- and indicated they were minions of Akrons -- sent to do his bidding. Again, we heard of the power of this red one, and a warning that we would not want to be around for his destruction.

Having so recently awakened, I wondered if I were still in a dream to be conversing with such a being. The words of the Phoenix -- known as Altross of the Clan Red Feather -- were very cryptic. There was much his Matriarch would not allow him to share with us, but he did affirm that if knowledge were power, he had not the object to utilize this power. He could not stay long, and furtively glanced about before suddenly disappearing as if danger were lurking just around the corner. Feeling a chill in the air, I hurried inside to contemplate the events that threaten this piece of our world -- and wonder who is Akron, and what he is planning next.

*3-11-00 - TUR Discussion Forum:

Try out our new discussion forum: TUR Discussion Forum

*3-11-00 - Dragon's Bay/TUR Village Alliance a Success!:

Last night, TUR and OGD, aswell as many other people gathered on the roof of the North Sentry to witness the comming together of OGD and TUR.

Me(Outy) and Skye MacLeod from TUR and Red William, Arash, and Graz'zt from OGD drew up the stipulations of our new pact and both parties signed after we'd come to a few meautualy beneficial proclamations. The meeting was a complete success and went on without incident.

Afterwards, we went to the tavern and met with Shalis Lilias who told us a sad story of two pirates. A man and a woman who became lovers. Included with this story was the tale of his hidden treasure. We were all very excited by this and departed to search for this treasure, based on the clues from Shalis's story.

We wandered around the Destard swamps, searching for clues. A book was recovered that spoke of the location of Rennips's treasure.

After several dead ends in other caves, we wandered into this rather odd-shapped cave. We stopped to rest a moment after finding nothing when we dicovered a pirate named Blackheart. His last name escapes me right now. But we told him we were searching for the treasure and he protested. Boy, did he ever!

We were attacked by a large band of brigands, and eventualy slew them all. Blackheart reappeared and said we would NOT find the treasure. But if/when we did, it was his. He told us that he had plenty more men if we did not yield the treasure to him upon it being found.

After searching the cave, we turned up a red chest. Inside the chest was 8 tattered lvl 4(I think) treasure maps and Rennips's Halley! When we found this treasure, liches began to rise up from the ground and attacked us. We are uncertain if these were the spirits of the newly killed brigands or if they are the doing of a deeper evil.

Regardless of where they came from, we retreated back to TUR Village with the loot. Several stayed behind to ensure our escape, including Rath of WSB and Mythra of Yew.

The treasure maps found were destributed to 8 guilds who helped in the quest: CMG, OGD, TUR, LEF, +A+, Yew, SSB, and HtD.

It was an eventful evening to say the least. We are grateful at least that Akron did not carry out any major offenses against the village last night. But I'm sure Akron won't delay his plans for the conquest of TUR Village for too long, so it is best to be wary!

*3-10-00 - Akron seeks TUR Village for him/herself:

A couple of days ago, a hell hound appeared and gave a warning. The following is an account by Skye MacLeod:

Wednesday, March 9
From the Journal of Skye MacLeod of The UnRuled (TUR Village)

The moon had already risen by the time I retired my smithin’ tools for the day. I noticed that the wind had picked up and wondered if we were in for a spell of rain. Perhaps the evening mist would hinder the evil forces that have been plaguing the villages and hamlets of the Yew Wilderness of late - at least for the night. Having heard no call for alarm from our allies in Cove and Dragon’s Bay, I climbed the stairs of the North Sentry, leaving some of TUR’s finest warriors safeguarding the Village. I looked forward to simply sinking into a pool of warm water and soaking away the bitter struggle of the last few weeks - if only for a brief moment. And that’s when the blustery, damp night changed completely.

The clang of the front tower doors was accompanied by a menacing growl, unlike any I am used to hearing in this place. My heart must have skipped a beat, as a cold wave of dread reverberated throughout my body like the vibration of a plucked harp. "Outy," I called more from my heart than my lips, seeking to draw his attention from contemplating the stars from the rooftop to the ominous visitor in the foyer below. I stumbled down the stairs, Outy rushing behind me, to find a hound from hell under attack by our boys.

"You would do well to hear me out," he snarled with a jeer. I was so shocked to hear his taunt in a language I could understand that I encouraged the group to let him speak. "I bring a warning from my Lord," he breathed with his fiery stench. "TUR Village is on holy ground, and if you value your lives, you will leave this place."

Outy of the TURs stepped forward to face him squarely: "What Lord do you speak of that would seek to threaten our home and this village? For we shall defend it and rejoice in his death."

Laughter, if you can call that menacing snarl such, pealed forth from the hellhound as he mocked us: "You cannot kill one who is already dead."

With that he let lose a stone harpy and dire wolves, followed by hellhounds in numbers I could not count. The air was filled with birdies sent to alert troops and allies far and yon. As I wielded my sword, I was grateful to see the pale outline of moongates appearing over the grass that sweeps between the two towers. Old friends and new ones stepped forth bravely to confront this fresh and despicable evil.

Wave after wave of the beasts crept forth from the southern side of the Village that borders the Crypts. I urged our newest recruit to go inside the North Sentry and gather her wits - only to realize that the fortress in which I had felt so safe for so long was vulnerable. My heart sunk to see a dozen hellhounds rise from the depths of the earth simply appearing as a carpet of red madness, their teeth bared in evil glee, inside the North Sentry.

Many souls died and were resurrected before the assault was ended. As folks were gathering their belongings, Sir Elnor of Yew and I - being somewhat blessed with the uncivilized second sight - heard in the cobwebs of the lower left corner of our brains the following warnings: "This is not over yet. The orcs will come tomorrow." Sir Elnor countered with: "Die, you evil beast. We will not give up TUR." And the hellhound breathed his final words before the eerie calm descended upon TUR Village: "Yes you will. With the last of my energy, I say ... Muwhahahah … TUR shall fall. My Master shall crush ye if the orcs do not."

The following day, a murderous ogre lord appeared with the same warning. Among the new information it gave, came the name of their master. The being behind these happenings. Akron. Little is known about this being, but I'm sure we'll find out more as things unfold. The ogre lord brought a small force of orcs who raided the village. After the orcish forces were slain, the ogre lord held itself up in the dragon's lair on the 3rd floor of the Dragon Roost Tavern. After a long stand off, we finally rushed in and took the ogre down.

Later came the appearance of a man named Hoyt. This character was flagged as a murderer which led some of us not to trust him. We believe he may be a bounty hunter. I do not have as much information on this character as I'd have liked to. I was too busy, trying to keep people from killing the guy. Didn't get a chance to hear much of what he said. If anyone has more information about this person, please let me know and I'll post it.

Sadly, none of the screenshots we took of the ogre lord and hell hound worked. Since both of these beings were slain, I don't think we'll get another chance, but when you see something strange and worth a shot, snap it! It's always nice to have visual aids to go along with these posts.

*3-05-00 - Compassion Fragment recovered:

In the village this evening, after a large barage of harpies, their dark leader appeared. The gathered forces of many guilds quickly vanquished this evil foe.

After a brief panic as to who had the book, it was finaly given to Skye MacLeod to be stored safely in The North Sentry. Later on, after a brief battle in Cove, everyone again assembled on the roof of the Sentry where the fragment was read aloud and then copies were distributed.

We'll all be looking out for where the dark one might target next and prepare to aid them and recover the 3rd fragment.

*3-03-00 - Harpy attacks growing stronger:

We've been under attack every night for the last few days. A while back, stone harpies started appearing along with the other harpies.

Last night, we had one of the worst attacks yet, and it is said that the dark one will appear in the next few days. Also, the attacks will be more organized so we must prepare for the onslaught. The dark one will be carrying with it the 2nd fragment of the Tome of the Gold One. As soon as the dark harpy is slain, grab that book!

Within the next few days it is strongly urged that you and any help you might bring to TUR Village is welcome as we will surely need it.

*3-02-00 - New patch:

The publish update features listed in Testing for Next Update will be active on the Great Lakes Shard following its return from maintenance on Friday morning, March 3rd.

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