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The Month of March - 2001

*3-11-01 - The echelons of the dead:

We've had several visits from our ghastly friends in recent days in TUR Village. One came in the form of the Lord of the Dead who visited soon after Lilibet's group of burning spawn. More recently, another batch of undead was led by a shade commander which brought with it several seeming shade seargents distinguished from their hideous bretheren by a purple hue.

All of the physical forms of the undead parties were slain. Permanantly perhaps--Parhaps not.

*3-6-01 - More ugly dead people:

Our smelly friends from the nether were at it again last evening in TUR Village. This was one of the most overwhelming attacks yet. You can see from the artist's rendering of the aftermath of this attack. It's a good testament to the brutality of the attack.

*3-2-01 - The Skeletal Harbinger: The end or the beginning?:

Once again tonight, a flock of ravens landed East of the North Sentry in TUR Village. We swung through them, left and right, doing away with the black haze. The black birds weren't so much vexing in themselves, but rather what they represent.

Undead rose soon after in it's most putrid form. Zombies. Waves of them. Runners went in all directions to spread word of the impending assult. Although the zombies fell quickly under swift blades, more elite bretheren appeared in the form of bone knights, skeletal magis, and liche lords. Amid them, sprung their appearant leader. The Skeletal Harbinger--A horrid thing. It's very bones glowing yellow, with rancid slivers of flesh still clinging.

Hardly any brave warrior present succeeded in escaping a trip to the spirit world, but after a long, grueling battle, the harbinger was dismantled. It's bones layed to rest by silver. This terrifying creature did not go without bringing many brave souls with it.

We're uncertain at this point whether or not this was the harbinger's final act, or merely a set-back.

*3-2-01 - Undead descend upon TUR Village:

Last evening, undead sprang up in the Northern part of the village, wreaking their usual havoc. We'd be liars if we said we were prepared. The attack took down several people and increased over the course of a half-hour. It was eventually repressed and the undead receeded back into the shadows whence they came.

Although, they could not speak their purpose through their decayed semblance of lips, there was one clue: Ravens...

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